Community, Mentoring, and Networking

Listening to Jeff Myers’ sessions at this years NYS Homeschool convention really got me thinking and inspired to cultivate mentoring relationships. I’m really grateful for the mentors in my life, which motivates me to want to step more fully into the role of a mentor to those who look to me for advice and inspiration. Specifically I feel inspired to make my blog more than a one-way conversation of self-expression. I want it to be a place where people connect and are inspired and we can discuss what we’re passionate about. I want my blog to be a place that calls people up, and gives them practical advice and coaching. One of Jeff’s main points was that a good coach, or mentor, asks questions and listens well. I really desire to have that kind of interaction with my readers so this blog can be a real community with active discussions happening daily. In an effort to cultivate that, I’ve added a new widget, just below my blog’s theme verse – it’s called blogfrog, and this widget allows you to comment on topics we mention here on the blog in a forum setting, which I hope will help foster the networking and conversations. Please check it out and join blogfrog – it’s a great way to network and connect with other bloggers!

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