Cleaning the Piggies

I had a problem. It involved a very tiny set of toes. Toes so tiny and tightly clenched that they retain little bits of fuzz and such despite daily baths. My fingers are too big to clean these tiny toes. Enter Big Brother – who’s fingers are still quite small. I found the Boy helpfully excavating between his sister’s piggies when I gave them some quality time together in his crib yesterday afternoon. (Claire likes to wake Jesse up from his nap – they love this time together. I’ll hear one or both of them laughing together.)

This reminds me of my sister, Anneke, who was known for her Piggy Cleaning Abilities at the age of two. We use to line up to have her clean our piggies – it was exquisite, ticklish torture. She took her job so seriously and when she would finish one foot, you could with very little effort convince her to do the other one again…and again…and again… I am laughing out loud writing this, realizing there are people who will think we were crazy. It may be true, but we loved every minute of it! 🙂

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