Claire’s Photo Shoot

When our friend, Nikki, asked me if I liked to do photo shoots with my kids, I said, “Yes! But it’s hard to find the time and I’m not a very good photographer.” She said she would bring her camera and some props on our ski trip and we’d have some fun.

She also asked if Claire had a tutu. I said, “No, but she will!” I bought tulle that day on the way home from the ski lodge!

Claire was delighted by the props Nikki brought, and no doubt about it – she really enjoyed the spotlight!

I could have cried – I was so grateful for the precious photos Nikki caught. She had a good eye and was so patient.

Aunt Elise was there, too.

We had several wardrobe changes and hair style changes. That’s the whole fun of it, right?

This is my Princess.

5 responses to “Claire’s Photo Shoot”

  1. Nabila Grace Avatar

    Too cute! I love the one of her holding the feather…and where she looks like she is falling in fits of giggles! ;o)

  2. Miki Avatar

    Oh my…. I'd say precious, but the word precious just isn't adequate♥

    In other news, I think I may have found a source for raw milk in my area… and it's legal too! Going there today to get the low-down. I actually posted about this today, I was so excited!

    And while, I've got your ear, did you buy your tickets for the conference yet? I haven't but am wondering if I should (they went on sale March 1, right?)

  3. rahraht Avatar

    Priceless! Great Tuu-Tuu, Trina. You work fast like my mom. I could be jealous of Aunt Elise, but I had all 6 of 'Niblings here this weekend. That's 6 children age 7 and under. It was a LOUD and fun weekend – so special to have all of the family together for a few days. Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

  4. Kateri Avatar

    Such lovely pictures of your beautiful little girl!

  5. Abbey Avatar

    Claire is most certainly a princess! And what a beautiful picture of Elise too!

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