Claire’s in the Cupboard

Thank you for your kind comments on my bonnet – if you want to see more pictures of that day’s outfit, you can revisit this post from the archives. I went back there myself and realized that some of my readers had requested a tutorial of how I turned that old straw hat into a lovely regency bonnet. I have posted notes on how I did it on the Sense and Sensibility Message Board. If you sign in, you can see the post here. You could make one in time for Easter!

I am receiving those yucky spam comments on my more recent posts, now – ackk! I am trying to erase them as fast as they come, but will probably move my comment moderation deadline to within two days of a post. Hate to do it! I really like my posts and comments to be as fresh as possible – but, I’m on here so many times a day – I will be able to moderate the comments nearly as quickly as they come, I should hope. Again, I ask that you disregard the comments if you see them, and do not click on any of the links – I don’t know where they will take you.


I’m wondering if any of my readers out there have any information on blog sponsors. Many popular blogs have monthly sponsors, adds in there sidebars,  and companies that give them things to give away on their blogs. I would love to get some insider’s info on how that all works (especially that last part about free stuff for my readers!) I am also interested in increasing the readership of my blog – any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.

Read more about why I let the kids play in this cupboard here.

4 responses to “Claire’s in the Cupboard”

  1. Jodes Avatar

    Adorable! I totally missed the fact that Jesse was in the cupboard in the last one till just now! Showing little sister how it's done?

  2. Stephanie Avatar

    So cute!! One of my favorite things as a kid was to take all the pots and pans out of the drawer under the oven and then sit in there with my favorite blanket and animal friends.Your kids will treasure these pictures and memories!! I sure do.Thanks for posting!!

  3. Traci Avatar

    I've always pondered blog sponsorship but never wanted to be googled or meet the minimum hits… it just doesn't match with my VERY occasional blogging goals so I gave up, lol!

    That said, there are several resources out there, some that don't require so many gaudy ads on the side. This is a link that Teresa shared with me recently.

  4. Karen Avatar

    Cute ! Cute ! Cute ! 🙂

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