Christmas Crafts Revealed

I always do this – I save pictures of crafted gifts to post after I’ve given them away, and then I forget to do it! Not this year. Here’s two items I made for the men in my life…

An apron for the helpinest Boy

Complete with adjustable neck strap, divided pocket, and his name appliqued on the front (his favorite feature!!!)

A CD holder for Jeremy. The one we had in the car was so old and stretched out, you got bombed by flying CD’s every time you made a hard left. I just copied the old one (in much nicer fabric!) and included all the same features – 20 pockets total (10 inside and 10 outside), velcro closures, elastic straps to attach it to the visor. I also added a ‘safety’ band of elastic across the pockets as an extra barrier against slippage.

I have more crafted gifts (from last year!) that I will post soon for those of you looking for inspiration for your winter sewing!

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  1. Matt,Shell,and lil' Benjamin. Avatar

    Again, you never sease to amaze me !!! If I had just a 10th of your creativity !!!!

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