Christmas Baking with my Little Ones

 A crowd gathers as soon as I turn on the mixer.

 Even the youngest wants to be a part.

 Big brother is proud of our baby’s helpful spirit.

 God gave me the grace to let the kids help with all my Christmas baking so far. (that’s not to say I won’t sneak some in after they’re in bed tonight if I need to!)

 There are so many things a little one can do if you let them.

 Like unwrapping chocolate kisses.

 Oops. While I was photographing brother’s tidy little groups of kisses, she popped the whole thing in her mouth.

 “What, I wasn’t supposed to eat it, Mamma?” No, baby girl. Put them in this bowl, here.

 Look – they even helped with the pressing the chocolate into the hot cookies part! I just told them to be careful, very careful, and nobody burned themselves!

 They took the task so seriously.

Love these little fingers. The cookies were yummy, too!

2 responses to “Christmas Baking with my Little Ones”

  1. Farming Wisconsin Avatar

    They are so precious! 🙂 Those cookies look amazing…

  2. Kateri Avatar

    They look like such willing little helpers. This time of year makes me wish I had a little one or two to share it with…

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