busy day

today we are helping my husband’s sister and her family move. It is sad to say goodbye – we have been neighbors in the trailer park since Jeremy and I were married. But they bought a house in Rochester (they needed more room for their 4 kids!) and today is moving day. I made them breakfast this morning since her kitchen was packed, and now I am going to make the sub sandwiches for the working crew for lunch.

I miss having pictures on my blog, so next week I am going into the archives to pull out some favorites, and I will introduce you to one of my family members each day. If I can’t resist, I may post some really funny photos….there – I warned you!

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  1. AmeliaB Avatar

    Moving is bitter sweet. Will they be close by? Four kids in a trailer sounds like quite a challenge. 🙂

    ~Amelia (Sensible Daughter from S&S)

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