Bub and Duck’s Visit – part 3, Mini Golf!

On Monday we planned some “Fun Activities” – as long as it didn’t rain. We were able to get in a game of mine golf and a picnic in between the scattered thundershowers!

The Boy was enthusiastic about his first game of golf, but at times it was hard to get a good shot because he was always on the green!

He thought everything was a slide, and got quite damp testing them all out, as it had just rained…

The boy giving new meaning to the phrase “caught in the sand trap”.

Judah’s last ditch effort…

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2 responses to “Bub and Duck’s Visit – part 3, Mini Golf!”

  1. Natalie Roth Avatar

    He looks so <>serious<> in that second picture! So cute…and his shoes are cute, one of the little boys at our church has those exact same shoes!

  2. Duck Avatar

    Jesse looks so cute in the second picture.

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