Brief Supplications

Are there people on your prayer list that it hurts to pray for? Maybe you’re praying for them because you know you need to love them more, and you know prayer towards them can change your heart. God says, “pray for those who hate you”. But maybe they haven’t hurt you, but just thinking of them hurts. Keep praying. God hears even the brief supplications we make when we can’t think of what else to say…Here’s an old poem of mine on this subject…

Brief Supplications

Oh, my dear
It’s hard to pray for you
‘Cause just saying your name
Remembers pain.

It conjures up
As best it can
A poster of a broken dream
That’s passed
And so I say it fast – 
“Lord bless so-and-so”
And then I rush
To other spots
And names and places
In my thoughts.

‘Cause I care for you
And want to lift you up
But just saying your name
Remembers pain. 

Trina Bauman copyright2005

3 responses to “Brief Supplications”

  1. Serena Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Traci Avatar

    Me too.

    To lift someone's name is technically always enough… because while God may not know exactly what you wish for that person, he knows exactly what the needs of that person are.

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