Bridal Portraits

Yesterday was productive, despite a cold coming on. I finished a full page spread that had been giving me grief for weeks. Finally got it the way I wanted it. It felt good to get it done and slide the page protector on! The left page uses a flip tab to fit a few more photos on the page without sacrificing the simplicity of the layout.

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  1. Stephanie Avatar

    Hello Trina , it was nice to see your blog.I have one too. my address is .I just got it a few weeks ago so it doesn't have much on it yet.Wedding plans are going well. 2 months from today…Yeah!! You can read more about it on my blog.Do you have live journal??Anyhow, I hope you and your family are well.Don't worry that you havn't gotten a invitation yet.I am just doing them now.Oh and I need your address. 🙂

  2. Trina Avatar

    what is up with the 'rocket dog' alias? I thought I had pulled in my first anonymous reader! WHO is rocket dog?
    I had Aunt May's Chicken Parmesan, and only one bite of chicken tortellini carbanata. It renewed my determination to have that delectable dish for my birthday.

  3. rocket dog Avatar
    rocket dog

    So this is what you do,stay home from church and blog ha!
    I made popcorn and put almond butter and honey on it,everyone else had plain and they were jealous of mine,imagine that!
    For lunch we had a big roast and sweet potatoes and brussle sprouts,I was not able to have the gravy or the butter on my potatoes,but as Sarah in
    Sarah Plain and Tall says:wherever you are there is always something to miss.
    clinging to the hope of mothers day

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