Book Winner!

It’s been a busy day here – it actually stopped raining long enough to get something done outside! It was Jeremy’s day off, so we worked together cleaning the barn, the porch, the yard – it’s looking great! But I’m exhausted. I feel like a good soak in the hot tub but I don’t think I can bring the laptop in there, so I’m just checking in real quick to let you all know who won the book giveaway.

The random number generator gave me the number 5, so Kristina! You are our winner! I will send the book right out to you.

If I seem a bit scarce around here this week, it’s only ’cause I’m working so hard behind the scenes. A good  awesome friend is helping me with a complete site makeover. We’ll be back to more regular posting next month! Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Kristina Avatar

    Wow! I can't believe that I won! I NEVER win anything! haha! I am so excited about it.:)

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