Best of 2011: Lots of Real Good Food

A lot of ya’ll have hung out here ’cause you like to see what I’m making for dinner. I’m truly tickled when I get to share a recipe with you and then you comment to say you made it, too – it almost feels like we just shared a meal together. Almost.

One of your favorite posts this year was when I told you about my pasta making adventures. Oh, and how I make sweet potato fries. Oh, those are yummy. I’m gonna make them again as soon as I restock on coconut oil.

Later in the spring I published a cookbook with all my favorites and you all were so supportive (and patient) as I tried my hand at marketing and self promotion. Yuck – just ’cause I did it doesn’t mean I like those words! Finally, I realized I was getting too stressed about the whole thing, and I didn’t want my bog to be all about food anyway. So I moved my foody news over to the Real Fast Food Facebook Page and let God be my marketing manager. He’s been doing a pretty good job, as sales have been fairly steady through the fall despite me not doing much. (Thanks again for your support and for all the great reviews you left on the amazon page! I was so blessed to read how much you liked the book!)

And now we’re having fun over at the facebook page where I regularly post photos of what we’re eating for dinner. We eat lots of real, whole foods around here, I just don’t blog about it as much. I still love to talk about it, though, so if you have questions, head over the facebook page and we can chat there!

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  1. Rachel Avatar

    Speaking of good food, just thought I'd let you know I referenced your book on my blog today :). I don't have many readers yet, so it probably won't direct much traffic your way, but I wanted to tell you anyway. Here is the link:

    I'm really enjoying the book so far! Thank you!

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