Best Marriage Advice EVER

I was privileged to attend Mark Gungor’s Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Seminar last October with Jeremy. I have never laughed so hard while ingesting such sound Biblical counsel. That is why I was delighted to hear that he would be on Focus on the Family this week. I just finished listening to today’s broadcast for the second time and just had to get on here to encourage you to do the same.

Married or single, difficult marriage or smooth sailing, you absolutely must listen to this 30 min. episode. The first day was much the same content that we heard at the seminar, but today was a question and answer session and it was just awesome. Mark is so funny, you will love his humor, but his wise advice and Godly perspective on marriage and men and women may change the way you look at marriage for the rest of your life.

Yesterday’s Broadcast of Mark Gungor on Focus on the Family
Today’s Broadcast (my favorite) of Mark Gungor on Focus on the Family

Mark Gungor’s website – lots of free content – video clips of his seminars, and a daily online tv show on relationships – makes me wish (for the 47th time this week) that we had faster internet!

Be sure to let the man in your life hear it too – I promise he will love it – Mark is real affirming to guys (unlike many marriage speakers) and Jeremy is a real fan of his stuff.

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  1. Jeremy Avatar

    links are fixed.

  2. Jessica Avatar

    It's sitting in my itunes podcast queue to be listened to 🙂 Did you hear the segment in the fall about finding the hero in your husband? I thought that was a great one, because it wasn't about the husband but about what, as a wife, we need to do differently.

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