Backyard Tour

Last night we enjoyed the cool evening air in our lovely backyard. Jeremy had just mowed the lawn and the setting sun was bathing the yard with orange light (Jesse actually yelled “orange!” when we stepped outside) It was the perfect time to shoot some pictures to show you the improvements we’ve made this year…

First, we have the front yard, which we now have access to with the new steps off the porch. Also, Jeremy has installed a picket fence between the yard and the driveway to keep the Boy inside the safety of the yard.

Ahh, yes, and we have the Princess with her daddy on the porch steps. In the background you can see my raised beds in which I have strawberries and a few herbs.

From the porch you can enjoy the little shade garden my mother planted for me last year when I got the urge to garden but didn’t have the energy due to pregnancy. 🙂

Here’s the porch again, Daddy with his princess…

And this is the backyard. Besides the firepit, we have a hammock, zipline, and tire swing (the last two thanks to the previous owners). Oh, and a Bridge and a Ditch, which are Jesse’s favorite feature of the yard…
Here he is about to run down into the ditch – an act that usually ends in a tumble head-over-teakettle, which is all part of the fun.

Back to check on the Princess – ahh, she’s doing fine. 🙂

It’s a good thing this isn’t a post about the Boy, ’cause he’s very hard to get photos of when he’s in the yard.

He loves running around in the wide open spaces. This was the closest I got all evening. 🙂

5 responses to “Backyard Tour”

  1. Traci Avatar

    Such great improvements.. I’m loving the fence!

    And I think I have hammock envy.

  2. Joanna Avatar

    The yard looks great Trina! Can’t wait to come and visit and have a bonfire or to chase a certain little boy (and maybe a little girl by then)down a certain ditch:)

  3. Farming Wisconsin Avatar

    I love keeping up with your blog Trina! Your home and yard are so homey and beautiful. You have such a great touch to make things pretty — I always get inspired! Betsy

  4. Miki Avatar

    “head over teakettle”… i love that☺

    and i’d say claire looks more than fine♥

  5. humblelabor Avatar

    A very nice home! Isn’t it so satisfying to make progress?!

    I have to say I also love the ditch and the bridge. Growing up we spent summers with my grandma in the country. In town (pop. 500), all the houses had a ditch between their yard and the street and a little bridge to access the house. For some reason, that feature really imprinted on me as a child. Dream house fantasies always included a bridge and a ditch for me!

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