Baby Wipes Revisited

I posted about my homemade baby wipes over a year ago now. The response has been amazing – I still get comments on that post! I just wanted to give an update on how my system has evolved in the last year, making it even easier and time efficient. To get see my recipe and original tutorial, click here.

I used to tear and fold the wipers to fill my travel container once a week. With two in diapers, this was getting to be a hassle. Several people suggested I try converting a round plastic container into a wiper dispenser. I had tried this before but hadn’t had much successs (maybe the towels were too cheap). I’m so glad your tips inspired me to try again. Now I cut a roll of paper towels in half about once a month, and every two weeks I place a half a roll into an old pretzel container (Coffee cans or old tupperware tubs work, too), and pour my soapy water over top. I’ve cut a hole in the lid about the size of a dime so I can pull the wipers out as I need them. This is what we use when we’re at home – I fill my travel container by accordion-folding a pile from the half roll. Again, I can just pull them out as I need them, ripping them at the preforation. I still like using the paper towels that are perforated in thirds.

I love that I only have to make wipers every two weeks now. They are sturdy and just the right size.

There have been a lot of questions posted in the comments of my last post. I have answered  them as they come in the comments, but thought I’d address them all here in a post…

Brand…I use Bounty Select-a-Size paper towels. Viva is another good brand.

Usage…A large BJ’s-sized package lasts me about a year with one in diapers and one who is potty trained (we use them for ‘business’).

Flushable? We do flush these wipers – they are sturdy, yet not even as thick as the toddler wipes that are advertised as ‘flush-able’, so I figure we’re safe.

Sour Wipers? I have never had the wipers go bad or smell musty, but for the first time this month, after a stretch of very hot weather, I noticed a little spot of pretty, purpley mold growing on the last of this month’s wipers. The way to keep your wipers fresh would be to make a smaller batch more frequently, or refrigerate the large container and refill a smaller tub as you need it.

Sensitive Skin…If your baby has sensitive skin, these wipers may be the answer! I’ve had several people thank me for providing the first wiper solution that doesn’t aggravate their baby’s skin. 

Cost Effective! If you haven’t tried this yet, I hope you are inspired to give homemade wipers a chance. You could save $50-$100 a year by making your own!

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  1. Elise Avatar

    Thanks for all your tips! I am due in March with our 3rd babe, and am wishing I had learned about this when my others were in diapers! I have recently gotten into essential oils, and I will comment that based on what I know from making my own lotions & soaps, etc., is that some essential oils added in can reduce or prevent the sour/moldy stuff some people are experiencing, while also helping keep baby’s bum (or yours) fresh & clean. Specifically, Grapefruit oil is a preservative, and tea tree (also called melaleuca) is anti-bacterial, while lavender is both anti-bacterial and soothing to skin (and safe for baby). I plan to use those three (at least to start) along with some castile soap (Johnson’s has chemicals), and maybe avocado oil- haven’t quite decided about which oil to use yet. One of the things you want to avoid is anything (soaps, specifically) with sodium laurel or sodium laureth sulfate- which is a known carcinogen, and is in most of our soaps. I am working to eliminate it wherever possible, and here is a good chance. You can get castile soap on Amazon, or from a health store (and maybe Trader Joe’s?).

    Thanks so much for all your instructions/tips on this! I’m eating up everything I can find about it so I’m all ready to go before baby is born. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Trina Avatar

      great tips, Elise! Yes, I’m getting into essential oils now, too, so I need to try adding some!

  2. Carl Avatar

    Has anyone tried using Witch Hazel in the formula, we used to use the Wet Ones Fresh n Flush wipes with Witch Hazel and really liked them until no longer available.

  3. SarahElisabeth Avatar

    At home, I use some old prefolds as wipes. My little one has sensitive skin so I only use water on them. Very, very easy although not so good when out if there is no water available.
    It has saved us loads of money especially as the prefolds were a hand-me-down from a friend.

    1. meredith Avatar

      Trina, I love your idea on wipes! I found a way to make them “healthier” for your little one. Using a shampoo like honest is way better then Johnsons–they have come under fire recently from the ingredients in their products, I also use coconut oil instead of olive oil (smells amazing too) and then 99% Aloe Vera …and to not worry about the mold issue (I live in South Carolina and its surely hot here-try Witch hazel with aloe with no alcohol ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Trina Avatar

        meredith, thanks so much for your ideas! I should update this post…I certainly don’t use johnsons anymore–but forgot to mention that. I love the idea of using coconut oil–I’m gonna try that! Making a batch tonight…

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