Awesome article and a poem from my past…

last week I read an awesome post over at YLCF that put into words something I have believed for a long time, due to my own experiences in this area of the heart. I highly recommend hopping over and reading “Giving Your Heart Away”. And here is a poem I wrote years ago testifying to God’s healing power…

Gentle Hands

he was oh, so careful with my heart
it wasn’t for lack of trying
it wasn’t ’cause I was so fragile
but he broke it.
his hands were so careful

his actions unhurried


as he held in his hands

my so-longed-for-heart

he didn’t take care
to stand apart
from the crush of the crowd

someone bumped his elbow

he dropped it
and I broke

he didn’t mean to
it was an accident
but there it was upon the ground
who would put it together again?

i thought the shards got swept away
but bigger hands
more gentle still
knew how to make a miracle

it’s whole again
don’t ask me when or how, or why, or where.
sometimes i still feel the seams
I won’t deny the scars

I will admit to feeling bruised

but mostly
i marvel
at where i’m at

from where i was,
from that –

that broken place
so void of hope
so black i thought i’d lost my sight
so crushed i’d never get back right

i thought his hands were gentle
God’s where so much more

though i was not always aware

that He was there,
He was
all along
there, in the throng

watching me
loving me

caring for me
every joy that i felt
was a gift from Him
and each pain was carefully weighed

He has proven His skill
that He loves me still
He’s won my heart once again

with His gentle hands.

3 responses to “Awesome article and a poem from my past…”

  1. Traci Avatar

    I like this poem a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Olivia Joy Avatar

    This poem means a lot to me Treen.Thanks for posting this.

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