Are You a Blog at Home Mom?

Blog-at-Home-3D-500“The Blog at Home Mom” could not have come into my life at a better time. The fight for balance between my real life and online responsibilities ebbs and flows. Sometimes I feel like I’ve finally found my sweet spot, only to struggle yet again with wondering if I’m even doing the right thing. I was in yet another one of those re-evaluating seasons when I first read Christin’s book.

“The passions we have aren’t accidents. God placed them there for a purpose—for His purpose.”

Her honest and practical words  helped me to see again how it is not only possible but a privilege to continue to embrace both my mothering and my writing gracefully.

“Living out our passion while raising our children is not wrong or sinful as long as you don’t make it an idol—which is true with anything in life: food, television, technology, money, shopping, and the list goes on.”

I have found that what I focus on expands, which means when I focus too much on ‘how to blog’ type information, I very easily get out of balance in that area. What I love about Christin’s book is she has just as much encouragement and advice pertaining to the motherhood area of my life as the blogging. Her book itself exemplifies the balance she’s calling us to! She moves gracefully back and forth between blogging and mothering advice, meaning I get to the end of the chapter with fresh inspiration for both areas of my life.

I especially loved the section on Schedule Rebellion. You know–that attitude you get shortly after you finally get a schedule that works for you? Christin encouraged us not to give up, but to embrace at least some level of time scheduling long enough to see the fruit. And she reminds us why:


I also love that she’s included wise words other women throughout the book, including some of my favorite bloggers! Hearing real life stories of what works for other moms is always inspiring. The whole book was refreshing and energizing to me.

“Having the ability to live out what God has given me a deep desire for really empowers me to be a better mom, wife, and all around woman.”

Christin describes the life of a blogging mom as “A rhythmic sway of passion and purpose”. If your blogging journey has ever felt more like a tug-of-war than a dance, you will benefit from this book!

Available as a PDF download, or for your Kindle or Nook! (affiliate links)

I received a copy of Christin’s book to review. The opinionated opinions in this post are, as always, my own. P.S. Christin is part of my mastermind group, so I’ve had a backstage pass to the process and unfolding of this ebook, which allows me to testify that Christine lives what she preaches. Even while writing an ebook she kept her family first and priorities in place. In fact, the proceeds of this book will go toward their adoption of two little girls from Africa! She and her book get my full endorsement!


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