Are we crazy?

Well, I had plans to get the new template up by today, but a few things have taken priority over extra computer time this week. Things like bridesmaid dress shopping and planning a wedding in an incredibly short amount of time with a bride who is currently out of the country! Yes, as you may have heard, my sis-in-law, Joanna, said “Yes!” to her young man on Thursday, and since then her family and myself (who has been asked to act as bridesmaid, florist, and wedding coordinator) have been thrown into a flurry of activity. Believe it or not, we’re trying to plan a wedding in less than two months, so we’re gonna be busy. If you love a good love story and some great photos, go to her blog.

Meanwhile, that gives anyone who hasn’t commented yet a chance to get in on the giveaway! You have till Wednesday, and I will announce the winner by the 14th.

Off to work on wedding plans….

4 responses to “Are we crazy?”

  1. Rebecca Avatar

    Hey Trina!Your wedding planning sounds very reminiscent of a couple of weddings that I’ve helped with recently. Particularly one where the bride was out of the country right up until 5 days before the wedding. It can be a whirlwind and a half, but you’ll get through it! I’m a florist too and I LOVE doing flowers for weddings of people I know!

  2. Olivia Joy Avatar

    Hey Heidi!! It’s so good to hear from you!!You can e-mail me at, I also have facebook. I would love to hear from you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Heidi Avatar

    Congrats to your sister in law, Trina! You probably don’t remember me, I’m Nate Salatin’s little sister Heidi, and I stumbled across your blog while I was in search of something that had to do with ‘HopeChest’ Magazine. I’ve really enjoyed reading some of your posts and I would love to get in touch with your sister Olivia again after all these years just for fun! ( : Take Care!

  4. Olivia Joy Avatar

    Good bye!! I’ll see you at the wedding in two months ๐Ÿ˜‰

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