Anyone Planning a Wedding?

I’m sharing some advice on wedding planning over at YLCF today…

“As a wedding planner, one of the first questions I tackle when talking with a client is “When are you getting married?” Often there are significant factors to consider, such as housing to prepare, schedules of extended family, or even a cross-country move. But I often encourage brides to consider another important factor: the timetable of the relationship.”

Read my tips for pulling off a wedding in 3 months here.

One response to “Anyone Planning a Wedding?”

  1. Natalie Avatar

    Yep, my husband and I were engaged for a smidge over 6 months, and I think we would have snapped a nerve if we’d had to wait much longer 🙂 For us some of that was logistics though – I had my senior year at college to finish, an out of state move to plan, and recalcitrant family members to wrangle.

    One thing I’d wish I’d had? Just one person to sit down with me and help me lay out exactly what I wanted – including the things that mattered to me and the things I felt good delegating. The things that were important to me were there (like my spice cake), but I often felt really disorganized. Lots of people offering to help can equal a good deal of confusion over who’s doing what and how 🙂

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