Against the Grain!

It’s here! The new cook book from Kate over at Modern Alternative Mamma!

I told you a while back that I’d had a chance to test several of the recipes for Against the Grain and was really impressed with what they offered. The food was good, simple, used ingredients that I already had on hand, yet provided new flavor combinations and variety to our menu. Each of the recipes were ones that I will make again and plan into my monthly menu plan. My husband and kids enjoyed them too, which – in our house and probably in yours, too – is the highest praise for any recipe!

I tested the Tomato Cream Sauce Chicken, the Fresh Herb Burgers, and the Salisbury Steaks (a lovely, dairy-free version that was perfect for me when I was staying off dairy for Seth’s sake).Whether you are grain free, trying to reduce grains in your diet, or just focusing on more whole food recipes, you will enjoy the recipes in this book. Check out all the details, including the complete list of contents, and read my reviews of several of the recipes (it’s waaay down at the bottom – “Tester Trina says…”)

From the Product Detail Page:

…grain-free doesn’t have to be boring.  In fact, grain-free can include all kinds of interesting flavors, spices, and even sauces. Grain-free can be delicious and exciting.  It can even include breads and desserts!  That’s how Against the Grain came to be: a cookbook full of grain-free (mostly dairy-free and GAPS-friendly) recipes that aren’t boring, but are delicious and fun to eat. 
Against the Grain is a 55-page guide to delicious grain-free eating.  It contains 30 amazing recipes, including 6 “breads and desserts!”  Yes, you can have dessert, even grain-free!  It sells for just $7.95.
Against the Grain doesn’t use any weird or unusual ingredients: instead, it focuses on fresh, delicious flavors that are easily found at any regular grocery store. It also focuses entirely on whole foods — no weird, science-experiment-type ingredients!

Kate’s Cookbooks are the perfect primer if you’re just starting out in the real food journey, or if you’re in a season where you just want the ease a collection of recipes you trust to be healthy, without having to substitute ingredients and pick apart the whole recipe to make it fit your family’s needs. I’m excited to print out my copy of Against The Grain and have some new, easy recipes to add to my monthly menu plan in a season where I want to spend as little time thinking about and cooking food as possible – I want to be outside in my garden!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out all of Kate’s books!

I have signed up for Kate’s affiliate program, which means I will receive a small commission on any sales of the book that result from people who visit her site through the links I provide. The same is true for Amy Andrew’s book, Tell Your Time, my add for Mountain Rose Herbs in the sidebar, and any links to Amazon that I post. I choose my affiliates very carefully because I don’t want to clutter up my blog with advertisements. I only promote resources I regularly use and love! I appreciate each of you who have used my links in the past few months to help support this blog! Thank you!!!

2 responses to “Against the Grain!”

  1. Trina Avatar

    Sarah, it is fascinating to me that you manage your seasonal allergies by limiting grains. I have several friends who suffer from allergies – can you share what led you to discover how to ease the symptoms?

    I have not read any more Mark Bitman – I just saw that article in someone else's blog. I will have to check him out.

  2. rahraht Avatar

    This looks so interesting. I have had my own battle with what type of and how to use grains. This time of year my seasonal allergies kick in and I am usually stuck with Rice and Oats since even the sprouted breads I buy at our health food store cause some congestion. (I'll have to check the label again and make sure there isn't something in there I forgot about)I've also been using Quinoa a lot lately.
    I noticed that you tweeted on Mark Bitman's article about McDonald's “oatmeal”. While it's clear he has his agenda, I really enjoy the way he cooks and WHAT he cooks. I really want some of his cookbooks! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have you read any of his other articles?

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