The Adventures of Little Dog: Little Dog Learns His Chatechism

Little Dog joins us for breakfast most mornings.

Ooops – sit up, little Dog! I’m told he loves oatmeal…

…almost as much as the Boy.

At breakfast a few weeks ago I decided it was a good time to get a little spiritual training in. I grabbed a little paperback ‘Child’s Chatechism’ someone had given me and started asking (and answering) questions. Six questions into the little book and I realized this was very quickly going way over my 3 year old’s head, besides being based on different doctrines than we ascribe to. So much for that book! We did get this much out of it, however…

“Jesse – who made you?”
He looks up from his oatmeal with interest.
“God made you!” I explained. Then I repeated the question and had him repeat the answer to me.
“What else did God make?”
Another questioning look.
“God made everything! God made you, and God made Mommy, and God made Claire Baby.”
Hmm. He chews on that for a moment. 
What else did God make?” I repeated. 
“Dod made trees?”
“Yes! God made trees! Good job! What else?”
“Dod made lil’ Dog?”
“Well,” I hesitated, ’cause technically, God made man, and man made Little Dog.
“Yes, Mom! Dod made lil’ Dog! Dod made Dogs.” He was emphatic.

I read further in my head, “The chief end of man is to…” hmm – how to rephrase this?
“Jesse – do you know what we’re supposed to do? We’re supposed to love and obey God. Like, you love Mommy, and obey Mommy, right? And we love Claire, and we love Daddy – “
“Daddy love me, you love Claire.” he corrected me. Whatever!
“And we’re all supposed to love God, right?”
“You love Dod – me love little Dog.”

Well, at least we’re lovin’ somethin’ – we’ll get there! He did get the “Who made you?” part down, though – if you ask him at any time – “Jesse! Who made you?” He says, “Dod!” and then if you ask him “What else did God make?” He will begin listing off the most random things…dinosaurs, houses, BBQ chicken…

2 responses to “The Adventures of Little Dog: Little Dog Learns His Chatechism”

  1. Karen Avatar

    He was randomly listing his favorite thigs I'm guessing…. That's too cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kateri Avatar

    So cute! Thanks for making me laugh this evening. ๐Ÿ™‚

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