A Dinosaur and “Pat”

Today he read his first solo word, “Pat”. With a single glance, he belted it out. A channel has opened and the water will never run the old route again. I wanted him to remember this moment as I fondly remember the day I read my first word, so I squealed and cheered until my throat went raspy. His eyes shone.

Today he beat  me at Alphabet Bingo.

Today he asked, so sweetly, if tomorrow I wouldn’t talk on the phone and just play games with him all day.

I said ‘yes’ before I remembered I had a skype appointment.

“You tould just tancel it, touldn’t you?”

I hesitated, but suddenly, simply, agreed. Of course I could cancel it. What is more important than a boy who is just learning to read, who wants to play letter games with his mamma ALL day?

Nothing, just nothing.

Photos taken at the Orlando Zoo in December. He thought it was a real dinosaur and was actually a bit scared.

I thought it was hilarious and made him pose with me.

6 responses to “A Dinosaur and “Pat””

  1. Traci Avatar

    Hooray for Jesse! And hooray for you for the cancellation! Couldn’t have had a more perfect reason. Love ya!

  2. Jess Avatar

    Three cheers for Jesse!

    I don’t remember anything about starting to read. I do remember sounding out a really big word in 1st grade and my teacher being very excited.

  3. Debbie Avatar

    Yay!! How fun! I don’t remember anything about learning to read come to think of it. What a thoughtful mother you are to help him cherish this moment!!

  4. Juls Avatar

    Love it! Children definitely challenge our priorities! My son was sick yesterday and today. The only thing he wanted was to cuddle with “Mama.” After I got over my fear of not being efficient, I relaxed and have thoroughly enjoyed 2 days of cuddles with my son who does has never been a cuddler. 🙂 Relax and enjoy!

  5. Elisabeth Allen Avatar

    Congratulations! I don’t remember the first word I read, but I DO remember the thrill of realising that reading wasn’t work anymore, but an incredibly fun, rewarding adventure. Yay for you and Jesse!

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