6:00 am

I can’t wait any longer to nurse him. He has slept all night and I miss him. I slip quietly into his room; he is just stirring. I love being the first thing he sees in the morning, and the first one to see his smile. His eyes flicker open, shut, open. His bare toes peek out from under the blankets, always. His mother should put socks on him, but it’s such a shame to hide those cute, fat feet.

Eyes so round and blue stare at me as he eats his breakfast. It always takes him a while to wake up – just like his daddy. When he is done, his tummy full, then he is ready to talk. We say hello, good morning, how did you sleep, nice dreams?

He notices his daddy; leans over to tug at the covers. No, it’s not time to wake up Daddy yet, Sweet Boy. A bit more sleeps first. I hold him close as I carry him back to his room. He relaxes in my arms and burps contentedly.

Back in his bed, covers tucked around his feet, for now. Ni-night, Sweet Boy. See you in a little while. Mamma’s Treasure.

2 responses to “6:00 am”

  1. Katie Avatar

    That was beautiful!!

    Katie (PressingOn on S&S)

  2. Abbey Avatar

    I love it! I don't know how you can get it down so well on "paper". I have a hard time getting it to sound right!

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