139 steps

..that’s how far we will live from the library when we move to the house on Main Street. Yesterday Jesse and I went for another lovely walk (our second of the week) into Ovid, and that’s when I paced it off. We went to the teensy-tiny Ovid Thrift store (only open on Tue, Fri, and Sat) and then we went to the teensy-tiny Ovid library (open Tue, Wed, Fri, and Sat.). As you can see, since Fridays and Saturdays are usually busier for me, Tuesdays are the perfect day for a walk. I got a green Rue 21 t-shirt, four fuchsia cloth napkins, and a few scraps of vintage fabric, all for $2. 🙂 The selection is nil, but when you DO find something, it’s the best deal around. At the library I got my very own Ovid Library Card, and three random books – A memoir of a girl growing up in the depression, “The writer’s guide to Everyday life in the Regency and Victorian England”, and “the Mitford Bedside Companion. No, I am not planning on writing a novel set in the regency era, but I just finished listening to Mansfield Park on Librivox and thought it might be interesting. And Jan Karon is one of my favorite authors. If you have never read the Mitford Series by her, you need walk to your own library (or drive if it’s not less than a half hour walk) and check out the first three right away.

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