Sweet Tea and Southern Hospitality

Last year at this time, we had just moved into our new doublewide on an undeveloped lot in my in-law’s trailer part in Alabama. Jeremy had had to leave almost as soon as we arrived to go back and finish getting our house in NY on the market.

I was happy as a lark, settling into our sunny new habitat, unpacking boxes to the sound of Christmas music. I could hardly wait till we could have guests, which is always what makes a house feel like a home to me.

There was just the small problem of not having a sewage tank yet.

Then I heard a knock on the bottom of my door. (We didn’t have porch steps yet, either.)

I opened the laundry room door and looked down to see Joe, the trailer park handyman.

“Ya’ got any ice for ma’ tea cup?”

He held up a tall, blue plastic cup, the type you get the super sized sodas in. It was faded pale in spots and had dark brown grime in every crevice.

“Do you want me to wash it first?”

“Woman! Don’t you dare warsh ma’ tea cup–I’ll whip yo’ rear end! That’s wheya the flava’ is!”

This was the beginning of my understanding of Joe’s religious passion for sweet tea.


Read the rest of the story of how I began to learn the heart of true hospitality in the land of the deep south in the post, Unfancy Hospitality {and how to make sweet tea} over on GraceTable today. 

When my friend, Kris, first told me about her dream to launch a site that focused on equipping and inspiring people to fulfill the call to hospitality, I couldn’t have been more excited. Then she asked me to be a part and I was over the top. If hospitality is something you’re passionate about (and, even if it isn’t–yet!) you will be blessed and inspired by the story telling, recipes, and heart of the new blog, GraceTable. Do stop by and join us for tea?

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  1. Amanda Pope Avatar

    Love reading on the south.We’re in Alabama too.

    1. Trina Avatar

      Nice to meet you, neighbor! 😉

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