The right tool often makes the difference between joy and frustration in the kitchen. Each of my favorite appliances is like another hand in the kitchen and allow me to make more food faster!

High-power Blender

I love and recommend both Vita-Mix  and Blendtec. I use a high-power blender ever day, often multiple times a day, to make smooth, rich smoothies, sauces, and soups, plus grinding nuts and dicing veggies. I make everything from mayonnaise to waffle batter in my blender!


I use my Kitchenaid Mixer daily, as well for kneading bread and combining large and small batches of dough. With the attachments it also functions as my food processor, grating cheese, slicing veggies–oh, and I make pasta with it too. Her name is Julia.

Grain mill

Fresh ground grains are a must for flavor and nutrition! I have an old hand grinder that my husband hooked up to a small motor, but eventually I’d like to own one of these.


Not as crucial in my kitchen, but very helpful for healthy snack making, sprouting grains, or if you have a lot of produce to preserve. This is my brand of choice. 

Slow Cooker

Many of my recipes are conducive to cooking in a crock pot, and it’s a good way to get a cook’s vacation! Here’s my Slow cooker.

Tortilla Press

Definitely a luxury–but one that pays for itself in a matter of weeks, with the rate we eat tortillas around here! Takes all the effort out of rolling and shaping tortillas. Tortilla press

Ice cream maker

Nothing beats homemade icecream, and the simplicity of this modern-style ice cream freezer that doesn’t require ice, salt, or hand cranking! I have two of these so I can make ice cream for a crowd.