Learn the Kitchen Queen secrets to home cooked breakfast…without cooking from scratch every morning

Identify the recipes and rhythms that will transform your family’s mornings without doing extra work

Complete daily prompts to create multiple breakfast solutions for your busy mornings! 

Challenge access:

Curious about what the challenge will look like?!

Day 1: Timing is Everything

Is all about timing of when you make breakfast and how it can affect everything from weight loss and hormones to sleep and mood swings.

Day 2: Premium Fuel

Is all about the ingredients – using what you already have to create variety and convenience in your own kitchen!

Day 3: The Frozen Pantry

Learn and use (my) simple framework for always having protein-rich breakfast options for me AND my kids, no matter how early we have to leave the house. 

Day 4: The Teamwork Factor

You’ve got a plan…now what? I share my proven method for getting buy-in from your kids so that you have less picky eaters and more enthusiastic help in the kitchen.

Day 5: Why You Need to Make a Mess

I show you exactly what it takes to sustain this new rhythm, and the messy, challenging moments because that’s where your kitchen superpowers emerge!

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