Welcome Call

Week One: Word

Simple prayer for daily deliverance

  • I submit my will, rights, and all control to Jesus
  • I repent that I partnered with “——” (name the negative emotion or sin)
  • Jesus heal me from that mindset
  • I rebuke and cast away from myself any demon that may have come to touch me in the middle of my sin. 
  • Blow out the spirit of whatever may have been allowed to come inside you

Practice the Rhythm of Reading the Word with Holy Spirit

Begin by slowly and meditatively reading your Scripture passage out loud. Listen for a particular word or phrase that speaks to you at this moment and sit with it for a time. Look for what shimmers or stands out to you. You can underline that if you wish.

Meditate – Read the same passage a second time. As you re-engage the text, let the word or phrase that stood out become your invitation to dialogue with God. Allow the word or phrase to wash over you and permeate your thoughts and feelings. At this point look for emotions or memories that come up for you in your shimmer. 

Pray – Read the text a third time. What is God saying to you in these words? What do you want to say to God? What feelings do these words raise up in you? Share your answers with God. Begin to write down what you want to say or what you feel like He’s saying. 

Read the text a final time. As you do, just Be still and rest in His word. You don’t have to do anything at this point but receive. Then you can write down…What gift has God given you to take away from this prayer? To what action might God be inviting you? Thank God for this gift and invitation as you conclude your prayer.

Week Two: Prayer

Practicing the Rhythm of Prayer:

1. In the morning ask for what you need that day (“Daily Bread”)
2. Write down at least 3 things
3. That night or the next morning, review your list and reflect on how God answered and met you that day.

Week Three: Worship

(This week’s recording was interrupted, so there are two parts – don’t miss part two below this!)

Worship, Part One

Bonus Training: The Idolatry of a Good Day

What to do when you’re having a bad or hard day:

  1. Reflect, review, “Zakar” what God has done. 
  2. List your blessings
  3. Don’t make decisions from a bad day
  4. Watch what you speak
  5. Patiently endure the tough days, we are promised they produce perfected patience. (“But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” James 1:4)

Worship, Part Two

Practicing The Rhythm of Worship

Find a worship song or play list and spend some time in private, personal worship. The song I mentioned on the call would be a great start:

Pieces by Amanda Cook

Week Four: Order/Beauty

Practicing the Rhythm of Order and Beauty

Choose one spot in your house (start small!) and bring it order. Let it be a spiritual experience. Invite God to to speak to you in the the items you’ve struggled to get rid of or keep in order. Let Him show you what he sees in your spaces. And how He sees your clutter. Let him show you what you have that you need to declutter and repent of spiritually. Begin to see your housekeeping and efforts to create beauty as an invitation to connect with this part of His character as Creator.

Week Five: Nourishment

Practicing the Rhythm of Nourishment

Begin to notice in your Bible reading (new and old testament!) how often God feeds his people, and how simple the meals were. Ask God to help simplify your approach to meals, to lift all the emotion and baggage we have off of eating for you so meals can be a time of connection with Him.

Week Six: Movement

Practicing the Rhythm of Movement:

What if working out was an invitation to connect with God? What if you used that time to listen to a podcast or to worship or pray? Try multitasking during your next workout or walk to get the most out of that time. Remember that we workout to be strong – and doing hard things is good for our spirit. Building spiritual disciplines is a lot like building muscles – it’s a gradual process and does require effort, and the results are that we are ready and spiritual agile when we face a challenge!

Week Seven: Rest

Practicing the rhythm of Rest:

We discussed 4 different levels of rest – all day (a sabbath), a good night’s sleep, an island of rest in your day (Quiet Time), and 5 minutes of stillness. Which of these do you feel like gets to be focused on for you to incorporate more rest into your day and week? What about turning your phone off or into airplane mode for an hour? Remember that rest is not another thing on our list to do…it’s an invitation to the abundant life God planned for us when He set us free from slavery.

Week Eight: Connection

Practicing the Rhythm of Connection

God speaks to us powerfully in community. And He invites us to show up in relationships authentically and be willing to be vulnerable and willing to serve others by holding space for their most intimate needs and desires. Studying emotional intimacy can lead to us grasping to get our needs met, but we discussed how it’s actually an invitation to serve others at a deep level, trusting our own needs will be met by our Savior. When we show up in relationships trusting God for our needs to be met by Him, we have the freedom to love others deeply.
Here is the article I read from to introduce the levels of intimacy
5 Levels of Intimacy

Which level do you find yourself settling at? Where is Holy Spirit inviting you to go deeper? Have you told HIM what is in your heart? Remember to do that first.

Week Nine: Nature

Today we did a simple exercise you can do from anywhere (except a closet! LOL) – look out the window and invite Holy Spirit to show you something through nature. Take this further by actually taking a walk or watching a sunset. Let nature reset your nervous system and connect you with Creator.