Real {Fast} Food has been enthusiastically reviewed by several respected real food bloggers, and has over 30 5-star reviews on Amazon. Enjoy these reviews and contact me if you have one to add!

Donielle from Naturally Knocked Up says,
“Finding the time to cook when switching to  a whole foods diet is a huge stopping point for a lot of people. Just the thought of having to soak grains or spend 48 hours making chicken stock sends people running to their familiar boxes and cans.
A fellow blogger and real food lover, Trina has written an ebook to help you and your family figure out how exactly how to fit it in your schedule.”

Laurie at Homemaker’s Challenge says,
“Trina is most relatable. She writes from the perspective of a Mama just like you. One who doesn’t have all day to spend in the kitchen, yet doesn’t want to rely on “convenience” foods to feed her family. I like the way Real {Fast} Food is laid out. Very easy to read, filled with nuggets of info (including the how-to of sprouting grains!), and enough recipes to keep your kitchen time exciting for a good, long while.”

Jamie from Like a Bubbling Brook says,
“If you are struggling with making the switch to a real food diet, you will especially love this book! I recommend printing the ebook, arranging it in a binder, and keeping it in the kitchen for simplicity’s sake.  You’ll be using it often.”
Kristen at SnowJoy says,
“I wish I had [Real{Fast}Food] four years ago, ten years ago! It encompasses so much of what I’ve learned to do in the kitchen, as well as some awesome new tips I’m looking forward to incorporating into my routines!”

“Trina, you are a master organizer from whom young and older women can learn much. I will be having my two teenage daughters read this as a part of their home economics course. Thank you for a work well-done and we are looking forward to your next book.” – Carrie on Amazon

“Absolutely perfect…This is such a wonderful resource for those of us who want to feed our families well, stay within our budget and have food that actually tastes good! …I can see it becoming my favorite recipe book in the very near future! – Rachel (Fashion Gone Thrifty)

“It’s one thing to read Nourishing Traditions and quite another to see how a real cook and housewife prepares all this food! Trina’s personal tips are the most helpful part of the book.” – Maria

“WOW! I was blown away by how good [your book] was!  Chock full of all kinds of good recipes!  I have several traditional-foods and real-foods e-books and paper books, and honestly, yours is one of my new favorites!  I loved that it has all the basics covered in it, so I don’t have to use one book for soaking recipes, one for yogurt, one for salad dressings (etc.) and they are all quick and easy too.” – Amy Durham

“Trina Holden set out to make healthy unprocessed food accessible to even very busy Moms and she delivers that and much more. From meal planning and shopping advice, to actually preparing delicious food in a minimum of time Trina delivers a terrific dose of real advice and mixes it with mouthwatering recipes that will delight you and your family. Ann (read more of Ann’s thorough and informative review of my book on her blog!)

“Thanks for this fabulous resource for such a great price.  I have a lot of whole food resources, but this seems really practical, inspirational and realistic.” – Renae

We made Trina Bread and Trina Yogurt and it WORKED! They are both the best recipes we’ve found so far, and that’s what we call them, Trina Bread and Trina Yogurt.” – Maria

“Thank you so much for a timely book! I was on the verge of abandoning ship and in a last ditch effort did a search in Bing for “real food fast”. Tada! you website showed up, I purchased your book and read it from cover to cover in a day. We have eaten your soaked oatmeal several times now, the kids enjoy it as did I.” – Angela

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