Sources for Real Food

Local Sources (Fingerlakes Region of Upstate NY)

My favorite places to shop include:

Wegmans grocery chain–based out of Rochester NY, can be found throughout upstate NY. I can’t say enough about this grocery chain. Their “food you feel good about” label is one I can trust (free of additives and fake stuff), their health food section is so extensive I don’t have to go to a specialty store, and they do a great job of sourcing local and organic produce.

Sauders: this Mennonite bulk food store makes it possible for me to get all my grains, nuts and spices without having to find a coop. I find their prices good and customer service delightful.

Countryside Produce: Little Amish stores are everywhere through this area because of the large amish population. This one is my favorite as they source grass fed meats, raw cheeses, organic produce, and also have a great herb section.

I also recommend these farms which are committed to high quality, natural animal products:

Sugar-Haven Farms

McDonald Farms

Toy Cow Creamery



Online Sources

Bulk Herb Store- my recommended source for herbs (plus lots of great info!)

Green Pastures – This is where I order my Coconut Oil and Cod Liver Oil. Their fermented codliver oil is the best out there, and my children will actually swallow it! (Note: we don’t take the oil regularly, I save it for when we need an immune boost)

Sources for Learning About a Nourishing Diet


Eat Fat, Lose Fat book coverEat Fat, Lose Fat

This is THE book that will help you understand the balance of nourishing foods that will help you lose weight. An easy read, and ties in well with my Bible in the kitchen, Nourishing Traditions…

Nourishing Traditions book coverNourishing Traditions

Comprehensive and so informative! This book started my real food journey, and I still refer to it nearly every day.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome book coverGut and Psychology Syndrome

The book that introduces you to the GAPS diet, the diet that heals and seals your gut. If you are attempting to address health issues with your diet, this book is where I’d start.

Real {Fast} Food book coverReal {Fast} Food

If you’re overwhelmed by all this real food information and preparation? Try Real {Fast} Food! I share yummy, familiar dishes all made with whole foods. You will learn to menu plan, which will get you through any diet you embrace, and enjoy photos that walk you through real food basics like yogurt, whey, and soaking and sprouting grain.


I’m a member of  Positively Real Media, a group of real food bloggers committed to Christ and helping others embrace a more nourishing lifestyle. The blogs in this group are full of great articles and glimpses into real families eating real food.

I also recommend Passionate Homemaking, the Weston A. Price Foundation, The Healthy Home Economist, and Kelly the Kitchen Kop.

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