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Your Real Food Journey

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Healthy lifestyle begins with what you eat, but time, money, and picky family members can make changing your diet an overwhelming goal. Your Real Food Journey is the helping hand you need to make sustainable changes to nourish your family well–without the stress.



Your Real Food Journey is one part cookbook and one part gentle mentor, with a generous slathering of peace-giving perspective for this journey that so often threatens to overwhelm us. When you’re not sure what your next step is, Trina will lead you through the basics of eating well with short lists and easy tips. And when you’re ready to jump forward, she’ll gently stretch your skills with tried and true recipes that will become family favorites.

The real food bandwagon feels like it’s careening past me at 100 miles an hour and there’s no way to jump on. You present great ways to get started eating real food with built in grace for the journey. Thank you for making what seems like such a daunting task into something I can conquer one thing at a time.
–Rachel, wife and mom of two

Inside, You’ll Learn how to…

  • Distinguish between fake and real foods that truly nourish your body.
  • Discover the positive impact whole foods can have on your moods, weight, energy, and digestion.
  • Identify recipes and techniques that are a good fit for your family in your current season.
  • Master basic techniques with small, doable steps.
  • Gain a vision for how to sustain a healthy lifestyle without stress.

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5 reviews for Your Real Food Journey

  1. Ssarah Mackenzie (verified owner)

    Encouraging, realistic, and visually beautiful- this book is for you if you want to make slow and steady changes to eating better and feeling better, without getting overwhelmed! I love Trina’s down-to-earth writing style and practical tips. This is a real food lifestyle I can get excited about.

  2. Kelly Lockwood

    I truly love Trina’s approach in ‘Your Real Food Journey’. She doesn’t leave one feeling guilty for past choices but gives gentle encouragement for current and future choices. She holds your hand and guides you through the steps, keeping them small and simple. I would highly recommend her book, especially to those who are just starting this journey, but also for those who are already on their way. The encouragement is refreshing.

  3. Gretchen Louise

    Trina doesn’t lay on the guilt, instead she heaps out portions of grace and overflowing cups of encouragement. Your Real Food Journey shows how simple it is to make one change at a time; one little change in your diet that has the potential for great ramifications on your family’s health, energy, and even happiness. Your Real Food Journey is a bite sized portion of your journey to “Nourishing Traditions” you’ll be able to sustain for a lifetime.

  4. Jess White

    Great book! My parents and sister are farther along this real food journey, and I often feel so overwhelmed cooking for them {even though we eat real food regularly}. This book was awesome in helping me to feel less daunted by the task, and gave me ideas for how to incorporate real food more into my own cooking.

  5. Natasha Metzler

    My family is walking through a season of change and I have been greatly discouraged in my ongoing quest to eat well– Trina’s book is better than a double espresso caramel macchiato, full of sweetness (from sweet encouragement to sweet recipes) and is bursting with energy. It is just what I need to refuel and continue on in this real food journey.

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