wpid-20130115_082252.jpgIn January, 2013 I posted this selfie —->
to facebook, announcing I was trying this new, weird thing called oil pulling.

My friends asked me to keep them updated, but none of us expected what would happen next.

Over the next two months I and my husband made a regular habit of oil pulling and were amazed at the results. The sensitivity in my teeth disappeared, plaque the dentist had been unable to remove was falling off in chunks, and a large cavity Jeremy had discovered in one of his wisdom teeth was completly free of infection! I wrote this post to share our experiences.

Over the next year, the story of healing Jeremy’s cavity with oil pulling (along with that silly picture of myself!) went viral, and I heard from hundreds of people who were excited to try oil pulling but had questions, or from people who’d tried it and shared similar, great results. I’ve continued to collect information and share resources and tips for oil pulling in these posts:

How to Coconut Oil Pull (with video and our favorite oils!)

Healing Cavities (a True We’ve-Done-It Story)

Oil Pulling: Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t feel like posting a bedhead selfie to tell your friends about all this cool information you just found about oil pulling, here’s a graphic you can share instead!

coconut oil pulling

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