Does making your own Kombucha scare you?

Making kombucha at home is easier than you think!

You love the idea of Kombucha–a tasty, refreshing drink that’s actually good for you! But it’s expensive to buy and the process of making your own seems too complicated. You don’t have time to research safe techniques or experiment to find the method that works for you. You want the health benefits and a quick way to get started yourself.

Kombucha Made Easy is your shortcut to learning how to make awesome kombucha in your own kitchen. With quick videos for each step, printable directions, and all your questions answered clearly and concisely, you will be an expert on kombucha in less time than it takes to drive to the store and buy an overpriced bottle! You will have all the tools and resources you need to successfully brew kombucha in your kitchen.

“Kombucha Made Easy transformed my fear of what to do and how to do it, into excitement and expectation. The videos provided detailed information that I couldn’t find anywhere else online. I started brewing my own kombucha and now I’m sharing this healthy habit with family and friends!” –Carla Sanchez, Nutritional Coach

Inside Kombucha Made Easy you will…

  • quickly understand why kombucha is the next health habit you should adopt
  • find the best sources for kombucha supplies and equipment
  • learn a simplified brewing method that will allow you to easily fit kombucha into your routine
  • discover the secrets of flavoring kombucha so even your most hesitant taste-testers become raving fans
  • know exactly what to do to keep your brewing system safe and uncontaminated

What you Need is a Booch Mentor…

I’m Trina, and I grew up with my mom was brewing kombucha years before it was a fad. But I never even tried a sip of her weird brew because I couldn’t get past the smell!

Twenty years later, my liver was congested and my digestive system was struggling–I needed something that would help support my liver and give me a daily does of probiotics. Kombucha was the answer–but I still couldn’t handle the taste! Then I learned the secrets of second fermenting and kombucha went from a tonic I forced myself to drink to a refreshing drink my whole family could enjoy with me!

Now I brew 4 gallons a week to keep up with the demand from friends and family, but I’ve streamlined my system so it easily fits into my busy days. I regularly teach friends how to make their own kombucha, and now I can mentor you with the Kombucha Made Easy course!

“I made kombucha years ago but gave up because it wasn’t working for my family. I doubted I’d have time to go through the whole course to learn what I needed to begin brewing again, but it was simple and uncomplicated! I liked the resources and how it was laid out. I am eager to begin making kombucha again!” — Leslie Rutland, The Seasoned Homemaker

Kombucha Made Easy Includes:

  • Beautiful, clear photographs
  • The option to watch OR read each lesson
  • Videos of every technique
  • Printable instructions and recipes
  • Index of Kombucha FAQs

Probiotics in pill form are expensive and inconvenient. “Natural sodas” are often over-priced and lacking in satisfaction. But you can become a kombucha expert for less than the cost of one month’s supply of booch from the store, and have healthy beverage option that your whole family loves!

Whether you’re new to brewing, or wish kombucha was easier, Kombucha Made Easy is the answer.

I’ve always felt like keeping my kombucha happy was be too big of a commitment, but since taking your course I’ve streamlined my process to about 20 minutes a week, which is MUCH faster than before.  With Kombucha Made Easy, someone could go from knowing nothing to having the perfect brew in a week to 10 days,  with a streamlined process to incorporate tasty probiotics into their diet easily and painlessly. –Rachel Hurd,