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I learned so much and felt so good on the GAPS diet when me and my family went on it for the month of January, I want to share my experience with you.  So, I’m getting serious this week about gathering up all my GAPS notes and links and helpful hints in one place for ya’ll. In the meantime, here’s a list of links I found helpful, ’cause some of you have been asking for the info sooner than later. And I like you. So I’m goin’ for the whole ‘sooner’ idea…
Kara’s account of their family on GAPS was great ’cause she kept it very real. Also, I love her mantra that “Taste is Trump” – “What good is a healthy dish if no one eats it?” My thoughts, exactly! Zero in on her GAPS posts, and be sure to read her first few posts about why and how they started GAPS. Then, I highly recommend her Pumpkin Pie Souffle and ‘Meatzza’. Those were both recipes we’re keeping in the rotation even though were not still on GAPS.

Cara seems to own the corner lot on GAPS menu plans and info. I learned so much from her site, despite that much of what she has to offer has a price point. I’m cheap, people. So, I signed up for her newsletter and got a three day meal plan for free. This really helped introduce me to what a diet without grain might look like. I used a few recipes from it, including her kimchi and the Cinnamon Apple Scones and both were wonderful. After that I continued on my own. If you have the money to sign up for her monthly meal plan subscription, it would take half the work out of a grain-free diet and give you the feeling of someone holding your hand. I’m sure it would be nice. 🙂 But there are tons of recipes on her site for free. And all of her info is very reliable because she’s actually partnered with the author of the GAPS book…

Which brings me to Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. She’s the creator of the diet. If you’re really serious about GAPS and want to save time scouring the internet to piece together the concepts and principles of the GAPS diet, you should just read her book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome.


Her website also contains a lot of great info, like this concise page on ‘Getting Started“. I found it helpful to print off her list of Recommended Foods and Foods to Avoid for easy reference in my GAPS binder (yes, I made a binder ’cause it didn’t all fit in my home managment book),

Finally, I found the Liberated Kitchen to be another very helpful, inspiring blog with one family’s personal journey on GAPS. They’re website is LOADED with outlines and great guidance. I just love her attitude – when I read this, I thought ‘hmm – maybe I CAN do this…”

“it’s super easy! I know all my past objections are moot. GAPS Intro is actually a satisfying way to eat, and it makes me feel so much better. I just grab a jar of stock from the fridge or freezer (or scoop some out of a pot in progress), chop up some veggies, and add some meat. When it’s ready, I add a bit of a probiotic food. It takes 25 minutes to make my meals. If I need to go somewhere, I just heat up my soup and put it in a thermos.” – The Liberated Kitchen

This gets me to my next post on the subject – the pleasant surprises of being on the GAPS diet. It really is unbelievably easy, compared to soaking, sprouting and carefully trying to properly prepare grains. Read on in “Our Grain-Free Month: How We Felt”

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4 responses to “Helpful Links for GAPS Diet”

  1. Kara Bagley Avatar

    I love finding new blogs this way 🙂 You have got a lot of great stuff on here. I am ecstatic that you have found my blog useful. I am finding your compilations very very helpful. Thank you!

    1. Trina Avatar

      Kara, I’m delighted you stopped by! Thanks again for your great blog – I’m still visiting regularly though we’re technically done with GAPS – your recipes still appeal!

  2. Joy at The Liberated Kitchen Avatar

    Hi Trina,
    I’m glad you found our blog and it spoke to you! Thanks for mentioning us here. I’d never seen your blog before and am excited to read more. See you around 🙂

    1. Trina Avatar

      Hi, Joy! Thanks for stopping by. Your blog really was one of the most helpful that I found and I’m glad to pass it on to my readers!

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