Imagine being so peaceful…that no matter what happened in a day–forgot your purse, kids fighting, husband late–

You kept your calm?

What if you could fill a room with peace that could calm even the stormiest temper (including your own)?

Welcome To Freedom To Thrive!

This four-week mentorship is designed to give you every step I took to become a peace-filled mom, without the 10-year learning curve.  

For so long, I was fighting against being the angry mom. I had all but given up. I’d tried everything–books, oils, diet, conferences–you name it. I made every external change I could think to make to keep my anger from boiling over.

But what I didn’t realize was all I those things were just bandaids if I wasn’t dealing with the root. 

Then, finally, healing came in the most simple and surprising ways.

Never one to keep a good thing to myself, A couple times a year, I lead a small group of moms through Freedom To Thrive and handing you all the tools and the exact steps I took to finally put the anger and anxiety into the past.

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Here’s What You’ll Be Able To Say After You’ve Been Through This Program:

  • you will know the root causes of your emotional overwhelm and understand exactly how to deal with them
  • you’ll know how to create healing and peace in your home, even if you have a lot of kids
  • you’ll be able to identify and detangle emotional triggers in yourself and your kids
  • you will have a complete tool box of physical and emotional solutions you can use for panic, anxiety, and anger in you and those around you

“The steps were easy enough to grasp and make mine from the beginning. I was able to see results quickly.” -Brittany

Basically, I’m going to teach you everything I’ve learned about becoming a peace-filled mama, including the missing piece that eluded me for years and that changed everything. 

  • Rhythms and Routines for Healing: Creating space to heal even if you have lots of kids and feel like you’re running all day long
  • Protocols and Practices for Peace: step-by-step, practical solutions for anxiety, anger, and fear in you and your kids
  • Tools and Techniques for Transformation: How to use essential oils and key supplements to actually support brain function, hormones, sleep and digestive issues linked to emotional trauma. 

During our deep dive sessions I’m reveal exactly how I used specific essential oils and supplements to release toxic patterns and support healthy emotions on a cellular level. You can bring your own oils to our live sessions or I we can make sure you have exactly what you need to have on hand with a Custom Peace Toolkit from Young Living. I’ll guide you through choosing the package option that is best for you. 

I’ve been in the holistic health realm for 15ish years and this training accomplishes the same goal as other techniques that you would literally spend $100+ on PER SESSION! It’s amazing!” -Sarah