Do You Dream Of Having A Mary Poppins For Your Family?

In real life, Mary Poppins doesn’t float in on a magic umbrella to save the day (unfortunately).  But impossible though it may seem, finding a nanny or sitter you trust and keeping her around is a system you can learn.

Trina Holden
 is a mom of six and has hired over 17 amazing sitters and nannies in the last 10 years!
In this one-of-a-kind experience, she brings you her best kept secrets to finding and hiring a sitter, setting your kids up for success while you’re gone and building a safety net to catch you when things don’t go as planned.

PLUS special guest Danielle Jordan, nanny extraordinaire, joined us with tried and true strategies for communicating with your kids and your sitters.

This is for you if…

  • You haven’t had a date night in months (or even years) because you can’t find a sitter you trust.
  • Leaving your kids with a sitter means coming home to utter chaos.
  • You need to outsource a few hours a day of childcare to spend focused time scaling your business.
  • You could use a little (or a lot) of help with setting your kids up for success and want to grow your support team.

Class is 90 minutes of pure AWESOME! Here is what moms are saying:

“I have the strategy and scripts to find and vet more members in building our team. Something I used to dread, I now have excitement towards!!! Which is huge and shocking to me that this happened from today’s class❤️ in a short hour🙌! Being EXCITED about this is the biggest win for me because this was an area I loathed. Now I feel equipped to rock it💪🥳!”

“The biggest thing is HOPE that I can actually “outsource” some child care by finding someone who is capable and create the life I want”

“Biggest aha is approaching hiring a sitter/nanny from the position of an employer, not desperate mom. Love all the steps & stages to hiring someone to love on my family!”