Favorites for Friends (10 gifts under $20)

perfect gifts for friends--all under $20!

Can you really find good gifts under $20? I think you can because so often it’s the littlest things that bring a smile or a bit of refreshment on a rough day.

This has been a challenging year for me, with sleep deprivation, tight finances, and lots of life adjustments.  When I look back over the year, I’m grateful for the close friends and secure relationships that have supported me through this time, and also for these small things that have brought much joy to little moments. I think one of these gifts under $20 would be the perfect way to say “thanks” to the ones who’ve got you through this year.

perfect gifts for friends--all under $20!

Chalk Pens

I feel like I was the last to discover these magical inventions, but I’m making up for lost time now! I have a huge tip, and a fine tip, and think I definitely need a mid-sized one. Definitely. No more ibbyjibbys scratching out the words you want to keep your mind focused on through the day. Writes smooth and opaque, yet wipes off easily with water. Great gift for that friend who’s got great handwriting.

I love how the chalk pen writing looks on this chalkboard

My new office set up features a giant, school chalk board. Keeps good words in front of me. 

Rend Collective Christmas

Rend Collective Campfire ChristmasI’m sure everyone’s heard of this band, too, by now. But did you know they have a Christmas album? YES! Merry Christmas to me. Rend Collective’s work has been our family’s sound track through the major transition of moving from NY to Alabama. A constant reminder that our God will bring us safely home. For the Rend fan in your life.

Big, Bookish Journals

I like to think of myself as a writer, and big, chunky journals bolster that feeling. I was heart broken when Walmart discontinued the graph paper version of their giant, black journals, but then I found these. Not as big, but–graph paper! You’ve not lived till you’ve tried a graph paper journal. I keep everything in my journal–morning pages, menu plans, Christmas gift lists, blog posts, business goals. It’s my brain on paper. For writers, journalers, scribblers, and list makers.

The Right Pen

Pens are very subjective. I am not assuming you will love the kind I do, but I’ll throw it out there anyway. I love the smooth line of these pens–helps my words get on the page with less resistance.  A pack of these would go great with the aformentioned journal

American Pie

American Pie

My husband and I are pizza snobs. This became a problem only after we left Upstate NY and moved to the deep south. This book reveals all the secrets to creating your personal pizza nervana in your own kitchen (are you a neo-neapolitan fan, or is Chicago deep dish what you crave?). Mind blowing what you can achieve in your own kitchen with the right recipe and techniques. For the pizza lover.

Best Water Bottle

A friend gave me one of these this spring. It is one of my favorite things. It is real glass, but I’ve dropped it on cement and it hasn’t broken. It’s my favorite color, non-toxic, and dishwasher safe. It makes the daily task of carting water around a pure joy. (The style with the fancier cap is over $20, but if you buy a two pack–one for you and one for a friend–it brings them down to $20 each.) For anyone who’s thirsty.

I would love to have a water bottle like this.

My daily companions–Lifefactory water bottle, graph paper journals, and a Sharpie pen. 

Word SnacksWord Snacks

One of my favorite authors and bloggers has done it again–released another beautifully designed, deeply nourishing book for your soul that will draw you closer to God. This time it’s in the form of bite-sized devotionals that fit into the busiest of days. This book began as a series of posts on her blog in October and I swear it’s the only thing that got me through that month. For the hungry soul

one of the best resources to gradually add more real food into your lifestyleWorld’s Handiest Cookbook

I’m about to toot my own horn–you ready? TOOT! TOOT! I adore this cookbook–it’s so handy! I use it constantly to feed my family well. The Cornbread recipe is right opposite the amazing Chili. The Sloppy Joes are next to the Soaked Yeast Rolls (which is also my current favorite dough for sandwich bread). And all your real food basics (like yogurt, sauerkraut, and homemade-actually-good-for-you mayonnaise) are all in one place. Available in gorgeous, full color paperback.  For those who want the simple path to eating better.


Lipstick Without Junk

Can I tell you how much fun it is to be able to wear lipstick without it making my lips peel and try to fall off my face? I love everything I’ve tried from Cowgirl Dirt, but the lipstick has made the biggest difference in my makeup routine. As in, I used to never wear lipstick, and now I can get that lovely dash of color and glimmer I want, without paying for it later. For the health-conscious beauty.

 Your Personal Chiropractor

No, really, I’m serious! Have you seen these things yet? Foam rollers, when used properly (I’ve let Beth Learn of Fit2B instruct me) can give your back a great stretch and adjustment. I’ve heard of a chiropractor who said these things are going to put her out of business. What a cool invention. Safe, fun, and a great addition to your fitness routine! For the friends who need to be brought back in line. 

What’s on your list this year–for friends or for yourself? What book would YOU add to my 2015 reading list?

This post contains affiliate links–which means you can bless your favorite blogger while you shop for others! 😉

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    Oh, I am in search of a good water bottle. Do you feel like you can open the cap with dirty hands without touching the drinking spout? And how leak proof is it–if it falls over in the ice chest or car will it leak everywhere? 🙂

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