I’m a loooooong way from my awkward teen years and the day has come when I look in the mirror and simply wish I’d embraced the truths Trina has written about and rested here much sooner.

I’m also well past the “new mom” stage…I’m quite the “old” mom now but this book contains some sound, sweet advice for any woman at any stage of life who’s striving to embrace and relax into the beautiful woman she truly is deep within.

Trina shares her self-image testimony which inspired me to take another long look in the mirror and ask honest questions about why I believe what I believe about myself and wonder; who am I listening to? I’m learning it’s important to keep a balanced perspective on this issue and to embrace beauty the way God intends.

Embracing Beauty is not a simple pep talk book for “ugly ducklings” who want to become “beautiful swans” someday. Trina has spent some time wrestling with the issues so many of us deal with and has come up with a wonderful and HONEST resource guide which helps us sort the lies from the Truth.

Embracing Beauty helps us to “come out of the closet” so to speak and “rock our personal style” with full confidence no matter what age or stage of life we find ourselves in; whether we’re first-time or long-time mothers, “mothers in waiting” of any sort, or simply FEMALE…this is a great place to begin thinking rightly about yourself.

Embracing our true beauty is not simply the gift of confidence we give to the girl in mirror; it’s the gift we give to those around us…our daughters, our sisters, the girls we may mentor, our friends…and the way to living a beauty FULL life.

Loretta Stembridge – Blogger @ dancingonthedash.wordpress.com

I was pleasantly surprised with the size of Embracing Beauty. It’s not a skimpy 40-50 page ebook. This is a 127-page actual book, packed with practical suggestions! You really get your money’s worth, because you can apply everything you learn in an easy and simple way.

Though it is geared more towards moms, I think any woman can pick up this book and get something out of it. Truly.

Kalyn Brooke Comings – Blogger @ wordswithbooks.com

After birthing four babies in five and a half years, Trina’s book was a must-read for me. I can’t tell you how many times I have taken a month old baby into the Salvation Army looking for deals and pick up anything that fits. Who cares about personal style when I just need a pair of jeans that FIT!

In Embracing Beauty Trina highlights many key points, a few of which I’d like to share. Firstly, Trina removes that mom-guilt that we all feel when we take time for ourselves. Instead of feeling guilty for self-care, she explains why self-care is important (and even Biblical). She also shows how one can use self-care to be a blessing to our families and those around us.

Most chapters end with “mommy makeovers.” These quick and easy to perform action steps allow readers to apply what they are reading almost immediately. Trina is also quite budget-conscious, so she doesn’t say, “Go out and buy a new $45 shirt around which to build your wardrobe,” nor does she encourage you to throw out your entire wardrobe. Instead she encourages readers to find out what they really like and how to tweak their wardrobe to work for them.

The humor is the best part of this book. Instead of reading like an instruction manual or a how-to book, Embracing Beauty is akin to sitting down over a cup of coffee and chatting about fashion, getting dressed, and babies. The anecdotes and stories tucked between the pages are wonderful and remind the reader that they are not alone in this quest for style and fashion with the blessing of a post-baby body.

KJ Tanner – blogger @kjtanner.com, author of 31 Days to Become a Better Writer

We all know the saying that beauty is only skin deep. Trina challenges that axiom in Embracing Beauty by encouraging mamas everywhere to stop hiding and comparing and embrace who the Master Creator made us to be! We all want to be beautiful and accepted by others, but if you don’t feel confident about who you see in the mirror every day, then it is hard to face the world with confidence. With experience and mama wisdom, she offers ideas for all shapes and budgets while gently reminding us that true beauty lies within each of us as Daughters of the Most High and mamas to the children He gave us.

Beauty is all around us. Embracing Beauty teaches us how to capture that everyday beauty and allow it to enrich our lives. Although it is targeted for moms, any woman could benefit from the tools and wisdom that Trina offers.

Embracing Beauty is a powerful reminder that while worldly beauty is only skin deep, true beauty that resides within each of us, can be shaped and cultivated throughout every season of life.

Lizzie Toller Branch – Blogger @ lizziebranch.com, Author of Completely Different, But Totally Normal, Founder of Kairos Coaching, LLC

“With humor, humility and a heaping dose of practical good sense, Trina’s new book, Embracing Beauty, is a must-read for women in all stages of life. She graciously leads her readers through the veritable jungle of common “beauty” myths, helps them plan for their changing bodies and gives them hope for the beauty that they can achieve in their own lives. This is not just a book about fashion–one that will be obsolete in a year–this is a book about creating, delighting in and celebrating beauty every day. And if the tunic ranks as the #1 item of clothing in every mom’s wardrobe for years to come, we’ll have Trina to thank for it!

Rachel Hurd – Blogger @ fashiongonethrifty.blogspot.com


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