It’s time to love your kitchen

More yum. Less stress. A step-by-step approach to make your kitchen work for you.

Do you…

Want to enjoy cooking for your family, but you feel locked in a constant battle with your kitchen?

Have you spent hours menu planning but meals are still the most stressful time of day?

Keep waiting for your circumstances to change so you can finally get on top of your kitchen? 

The Kitchen Freedom Bootcamp

A 6 week kitchen transformation class and community where you’ll…

Find refreshment in your kitchen

If you don’t feel like you’re winning in the kitchen, the angst and stress spreads into every other area of your life. 

But when you find your personal cooking style, it’s actually a space that fuels you, body and soul. 

Finally get your kitchen working for you

When your kitchen is chronically cluttered and cooking is stressful, you don’t eat the way you want to eat, and you can’t create family culture around mealtimes. 

Set your kitchen up for success so it can serve you and the people you love.  

Avoid waste and overspending

Ever buy something you wanted to eat, only to have it rot in a drawer of the fridge?

Learn the ideal way to make a plan that flexes with real life, gives you options even when your day gets busy, and actually lets you satisfy your cravings for variety and fun in your kitchen!

More Yum. Less Stress.

Get the most out of your kitchen with the least amount of effort.

Kitchen Freedom feels like this…

Imagine your kitchen is a clean, peaceful space that welcomes you at meal times!

  • Counters only hold essentials.
  • Hours in your day you don’t even think about cooking.
  • Options in the fridge and in your life.


Learn the right order to set up systems as smooth as a knife through soft butter, and spaces that help you cook and eat well. 

The 6 Steps

The Kitchen Freedom System: where you’ll learn the proven process that always works in any kitchen, no matter the size. Understanding kitchen flow is the key to making lasting change in your space.


Weekly Coaching

Live coaching every Monday!

Join Trina live or watch the recording on your schedule. Each session will be saved in the archives of the private community. You’ll have access for as long as you’re a member.

Community Support

Together we’ll answer each other’s questions, share progress (with photos, of course!) and cheer each other on in our private group.

What everyone gets wrong

Your kids are hungry so what do you do?

Try to think of something off the top of your head that everyone will eat, run to the store for ingredients, get home, cook, eat, and then you are ready to crash. 

That’s when the kids ask for a snack because they didn’t like dinner. 

The kitchen is a mess and you have to do the whole thing all over again tomorrow – 3 times.

You wonder why you’re always in the kitchen but it’s never clean. 

I call this the hobby approach to home cooking – but if you’re feeding a family 3 times a day, it’s time for some professional restaurant strategies. 

Setting up your kitchen for success is a 6-step process and the actual cooking is the last step!

When you have the skills and mindset of a pro, you can finally get your kitchen working for you.

“Setting my kitchen up like a restaurant was a game changer for me!”

Leora Miller



Rochelle’s Husband

Hi! I’m Trina and I love all things kitchen!

I’d rather eat-in than eat-out – because home cooked food is just so good and good for you! Stress and mess are not good sides to any meal. 

After changing my diet to combat anxiety and heal my gut 20 years ago, I’ve learned a lot about getting healthy food on the table without stress.

I’ve learned how to meal plan in 5 minutes. How to shop fast and come home with everything on my list. How to cook smart and set my kitchen up so that I can flow through tasks like a pro. How to have the most delicious home cooked food on hand for my family of 9 with the least amount of effort.

I’ve already helped 100’s of families fall back in love with their kitchen. 

I’m ready to help you make simple, strategic changes in your kitchen: in the right order.

All Kitchens Welcome

You’ll learn universal truths that apply to every kitchen, every budget, and every family.

On a special diet?

No worries, we’ve got short cuts and strategies that aren’t ingredient dependent, so you can find freedom even with food allergies. 

kitchen queen bootcamp

Transform your kitchen in 6 weeks so that you can feed your family with ease and flow, and have the confidence and connection you’ve always wanted in your kitchen!


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this require a Facebook account?

The Kitchen Freedom System, Sourdough Made Easy, Kombucha Made Easy, and all community archives are located right here on this site once you log in. However, much of the encouragement and support of The Kitchen Freedom Bootcamp will happen in the private Facebook group.

We understand there are many reasons people don’t use Facebook so all the live trainings are hosted on Zoom and past recordings are here on this site.

How often do you offer the Kitchen Queen Bootcamp?

We open to new members three times a year, usually around fall, winter (late January) and late spring. When the doors are closed, we’re focused on helping current members transform their kitchen into a place that works for them.

Will all my cooking and kitchen questions get answered?

Yes! If you commit to watching The Kitchen Freedom Bootcamp videos and follow Trina’s advice for asking a question in a way that it gets lots of answers, your questions will be answered.

You’ll be able to load photos and ask specific questions about your kitchen. Questions are answered by the group and trust us, this has worked fantastic for years! You’ll get lots of specific answers from fellow Kitchen Queens, and your question could also become the topic for one of the weekly coaching calls with Trina.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We are happy to accept debit and credit cards through our safe and secure checkout process on the next page.

Can I get a refund for my purchase?

Once a payment has processed, we are unable to refund it.

As The Kitchen Freedom Bootcamp contains digital product with immediate access, we are unable to offer refunds on your purchase.

How can I contact you?

Email us at and Jeremy and I will be happy to assist you.