Best of 2011: Freedom Fridays

This spring I discovered the delightful and inspiring Lisa Jo over at Gypsy Mamma and her Five Minute Friday writing prompt. It came at just the right time — on the days when I didn’t know why I was blogging, or the weeks when I didn’t have time to write, or when I felt like I could never write well even if I DID know when and what to write, Lisa Jo set me free to just write.

For just five minutes, with the gumption you find when someone else tells you WHAT to write about, and the assurance that it didn’t have to be RIGHT, you just write. In with that simple recipe, I was able to find my writing voice through the busy summer days and when I’d forgotten why I write or how to *do* it right.

I was hooked! I loved it!
And so did you – not only did you leave such encouraging comments on my attempts, some of you followed me over to Lisa Jo’s and started doing the prompts, too. I loved how I got to know a few of you better through the soul writing that seems come out when we let ourselves just write.

Some of my most honest writing happened on Fridays this year. Your favorite (and mine, too, as it happens) was Grand Canyon, which I wrote from the writing prompt, “Distance”.

You can read all the Five Minute Fridays that I’ve done here, and you can try your hand at it yourself here, at Gypsy Mamma. (P.S. you don’t have to be a writer, have a blog, or even know how to type to participate! There are no rules – you just write. It’s fun – come on and join us!)

With Lisa Jo at the Relevant Conference. Love her and her South African accent!

5 responses to “Best of 2011: Freedom Fridays”

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  2. Lisa-Jo @lisajobaker Avatar

    Hey what is your email address?

  3. Lisa-Jo @lisajobaker Avatar

    How did I never leave a comment on this post? This photo cracks me up – can’t wait to do it again soon 🙂

    1. Trina Avatar

      You have given me so much to celebrate with FMF, meeting you at Allume, and IRL meetup. I can’t wait to thank you and hug you at Allume!!

  4. Kateri Avatar

    So glad I found five minute friday through your blog. It does bring freedom to just sit down and write the first thoughts that pop into your head on a given topic. And it is always fun to see what others came up with!

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