Two years ago, I felt the Lord telling me to share my personal testimony on the blog. It took a while, but I finally completed the series. I hope this collection of posts will encourage you, but to be honest, I’m writing these words for myself. Here’s why:

Our Creator designed us to be refreshed by both the hearing and the telling of a good story. Despite all the other topics I’m passionate about and the books I have been called to write, I continue to embrace story telling on my blog because I need to remember. My faith needs the refreshment of remembering all He has done.
I hope you, too, are refreshed by this tale…
Another Heart Tale {All Is Grace, Part One}
I, Pharasee {All Is Grace, Part Two}
A Fair And Glorious Morning {All Is Grace, Part Three}
Of Valleys and Mountains {All Is Grace, Part Four}
Ticket to the Heights {All Is Grace, Part Five}
Where Two or More {All Is Grace, Part Six}
In Which I Finally Understand That All Is Truly Grace {All Is Grace, Part Seven}

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