Wordless Weekend Contest!

Here at All That’s Good, we like to take a Sabbath rest on the blog, and normally do not post on Sundays. We like to set that day aside to honor our Lord and not spend so much time on the computer doing our own thing. However, if I have time on Saturday, I usually prepare a post to remain on the top of the blog over the weekend – a simple photo with little or no caption, which we call our Wordless Weekend.

Typically this is a landscape or a still life that I choose as one of my favorites of the photos that have been taken that week. Sometimes I go back in the archives and post a landscape taken on one of our trips across the country. Or, the photo captures ordinary, everyday beauty around the house.

Now we want to give YOU an opportunity to share in our weekly tradition. Do you enjoy photography, and think you have a pretty good eye? Have you ever wanted to enter a photography contest? Well, here’s your chance! There are no prizes – except the Distinct Honor of having your photo published on All That’s Good as a guest Wordless Weekend Post!!!

Of course, we get to make up the rules. :)

1. It must be an original photo taken since the beginning of the contest (today, April 23rd, 2008).

2. It must not be retouched or photo-shopped.

3. The photo may not have people in it – think landscape or still-life.
Edit by Jeremy – We won’t disqualify for people in the distant background (see below)

4. The photo must have a title, and a caption explaining location, if necessary.

All entries must be received by April 30th, to be posted as the wordless weekend on May 3rd, 2008. Multiple entries allowed. E-mail your photo(s) to allthatsgoodblog (@) gmail (dot) com.

Entries will be judged for quality of photography, artistic content, originality, as well as the cleverness of your title! Remember, we are looking for examples of good photography – only the best here at All That’s Good!

The judges will, of course, be your’s truly, my husband Jeremy, and Anja and Olivia.

So, grab your camera, get out there and take some pictures! Go ahead – show us how talented our readers are! Blow our socks off!!! :)

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