What Love Looked Like at My House Today

Gypsy Mamma’s writing prompts help my sanity because, for just 5 min. a week, I tap into the artistic and pretend I really am a writer. Today’s prompt hit me right in the middle of analyzing the kind of love I offered my son today, and how miserably it compared to the Love God showed us when He gave His Son…

The Hard Love

The Hard Love…gets up off the couch to address a sibling squabble when the feet just wanted a moment’s rest.

The Hard Love…gets down on knees and prays for peace instead of demanding the tantrum stop.

The Hard Love…puts aside agenda, to-do lists, and deadlines such as the postman, the Easter dress, and yes, even meal time, to love. To love slowly, patiently, sacrificially. To love as long as it takes until love wins. To sit back down on the couch and cuddle a wounded little soul, exhausted from his tantrum and truly sorry, until the chest stops heaving, the tears have dried, and his cry for “Mommy Time” is answered.

This is the hard love – the Love the Father gave to us. He didn’t go for the quick fix, He had no agenda but us – we WERE His agenda. So He did whatever it took, as long as it took…33 years of sowing seeds…hours of agony…3 days of hopeless distance…Until Love Won.


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  1. says

    I like the lines “he didn't go for the quick fix” and “he had no agenda but us”. (I do believe parenting is one of the toughest jobs there is…)

  2. says

    Oh, such a lovely reflection! Thank you for this sweet look into what it takes to mother well – even though you -like all of us – won't always do it perfectly! This is a beautiful description of love at its best – and it is indeed hard, isn't it??