Waiting for Spring

Have you noticed a theme on the blog this month? It was not planned or scheduled…I just have spring on the mind. Better celebrate it on the blog now, ’cause when it does come, we’ll be too busy dancing under the apple blossoms in the orchard to be on the computer!!!
This is the month’s thrifted treasure. Do you know what it is? 
It’s a bud vase. For those little smushed dandelions with 1 1/2 inch stems that my son faithfully brings me every time he has been playing in the yard. I’ll just fill it with water and set it on my windowsill above the sink and it will be ready for the little buds and blossoms (hopefully more of the latter) that my darling children will bring me come spring. 
Come, Spring!!!!


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  1. rahraht says

    I think our decorating styles are similar :)
    People often wonder how such an old fashioned girl can enjoy such modern/abstract things.

  2. says

    That bud vase is the most perfect design for showcasing special flowers. I love it. Totally perfect for flowers picked by little hands.

    And I want to dance under apple blossoms, too! I guess I better get working on getting my orchard planted or else I will be 80 years old before I have trees I can dance under!

  3. says

    Oh wow. I'm not going to tell you what I was going to guess it was, because it definitely wasn't a bud vase and I don't want to give away exactly how brainless I am today, lol!