Wedding Eye-Candy

It’s a rare treat to share with you the photos of the most recent wedding I coordinated – rare because I’m always too busy to take photos at weddings. Thankfully, this wedding was well-documented by the amazingly talented Mabyn. I want to get married all over again so I can work with her. If you – [Continue Reading…]

Anyone Planning a Wedding?

I’m sharing some advice on wedding planning over at YLCF today… “As a wedding planner, one of the first questions I tackle when talking with a client is “When are you getting married?” Often there are significant factors to consider, such as housing to prepare, schedules of extended family, or even a cross-country move. But – [Continue Reading…]

Through My Lense


These are the photos I took on my camera, as I sat on the pew at the back of the Church, catching my breath after having successfully gotten everyone down the aisle at the right time and in the correct order. Sarah holding the bride’s bouquet Bride, Groom, and Pastor (my father-in-law)I love how Jake – [Continue Reading…]

Celebrating Love


Today our friends, Jake and Rachel, will say their vows and become one. We will be there enforce – Jeremy as photographer, and I as florist and coordinator.I had fun making their card with a very applicable verse!

Curtiss and Joanna’s Wedding Ceremony


The Flower Girl…And her escort (Also her uncle! :))Handing out roses to the end aisles.On her father’s arm…During the special musicExchange of vowsKelly and her Father’s duet of “I Will Be Here” was the loveliest wedding music I’ve ever heard.Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss ArcherHavalah and Nathanael receding.