Wedding Eye-Candy

It’s a rare treat to share with you the photos of the most recent wedding I coordinated – rare because I’m always too busy to take photos at weddings.

Thankfully, this wedding was well-documented by the amazingly talented Mabyn. I want to get married all over again so I can work with her. If you enjoy beautiful wedding photos AND lots of delightful details shared by the bride herself, hop over here…

(You can spot me in the second bank of photos–I’m wearing a delicious, green, silk dress {given to me by one of my beloved readers-turned-friends!} and I’m holding up the bride’s train)

My friend planned her wedding beautiful wedding in just 4 months. A lot of the advice I gave her in her planning process is being published in articles on YLCF this month. The first is “The theory and practice of short engagements” which went live yesterday.


Anyone Planning a Wedding?

I’m sharing some advice on wedding planning over at YLCF today…

“As a wedding planner, one of the first questions I tackle when talking with a client is “When are you getting married?” Often there are significant factors to consider, such as housing to prepare, schedules of extended family, or even a cross-country move. But I often encourage brides to consider another important factor: the timetable of the relationship.”

Read my tips for pulling off a wedding in 3 months here.

A June Bride…A Vintage Bridal Shower

The festivities have begun for the celebration of my friend Sarah’s wedding (made possible by a tornado). Last weekend we attended the bridal shower in her honor, hosted at the lovely home of the lovely maid of honor – complete with vintage decor, tents on the lawn, delectable lunch and lush gardens. Here is Sarah in an appropriately vintage dress.

It was the maid of honor’s idea that all the bridesmaids wear vintage dresses. Here are two of them, wearing dresses made by the maid of honor’s grandmother. And the adorable flower girl.

I am not a bridesmaid, but, of course, would never miss a chance to dress in costume. Here I am with the bride. I felt more like my grandmothers than myself all day…

A good friend of mine loaned me several dresses from her vast, covetable collection – here’s me and my wedding coordinater-in-training, Katie, in two of them.

And here’s me and my sis-in-law, Elise, who IS one of the bridesmaids, wearing a truly stunning blue taffeta gown.  We had a great time doing eachother’s hair, even though it made us fashionably late (emphasis on the ‘fashionably’!)

Elise, rocking it out vintage style.

Seth was there – he was the only boy at the party (other than the peacocks, who screamed intermittently through the afternoon, adding much to the atmosphere). He enjoyed chatting with all the lovely ladies.

Claire also attended (she is best friends with the flower girl.) Here she is helping Aunt Elise track the gifts.

After the party, the bridesmaids, in all their vintage loveliness, had a photo shoot on the lawn with the bride. It was so beautiful, we could have called the groom and had a wedding right there!

But that wedding is not till the end of the month. I’ll share more glimpses of the preparations and celebrations as I assist with planning and arranging the flowers (although I get to attend the wedding as a guest, thanks to Katie coming on as coordinator on the day of!)

Jake and Rachel’s Wedding

At last I have a chance to post a peak sneak of photos from Jake and Rachel’s wedding. More can be found at Jeremy’s new photography website. These are 4 of my absolute favorite pictures or parts of the day…

The Bride’s Gown

The Girl’s Flowers

The Fact that they had bells rung during their recessional

The beautiful dessert buffet – all homemade!
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Note – Jake and Rachel’s album on Jeremy’s site is private, but he has photos from all of his weddings in the general weddings album, including more shots from Jake and Rachel’s.

Through My Lense

These are the photos I took on my camera, as I sat on the pew at the back of the Church, catching my breath after having successfully gotten everyone down the aisle at the right time and in the correct order. :)

Sarah holding the bride’s bouquet

Bride, Groom, and Pastor (my father-in-law)
I love how Jake and Rachel chose to face their guests during the ceremony, with the pastor’s back to the congregation – except here when he is about to announce them…

Aunt Joanna holding my girl during the ceremony
this picture shows the pew ends – I was so excited to actually get to decorate real pews! In the end, it was my friend Katie who tied on the posies – it was awesome to have her last minute help.

Abbey, Sally, and Sarah.

I told you this was MY view – my boy in the foreground, hanging out with Grandma in the second-to-the-last pew. :)
Jeremy is still working on getting his photos on the ‘puter – it takes about an hour to empty just one of his memory cards, and he has been working 7 days a week. So, we must be patient for a while longer…

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Celebrating Love

Today our friends, Jake and Rachel, will say their vows and become one. We will be there enforce – Jeremy as photographer, and I as florist and coordinator.
I had fun making their card with a very applicable verse! :)
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Curtiss and Joanna’s Wedding Ceremony

The Flower Girl…

And her escort (Also her uncle! :))

Handing out roses to the end aisles.

On her father’s arm…

During the special music

Exchange of vows

Kelly and her Father’s duet of “I Will Be Here” was the loveliest wedding music I’ve ever heard.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss Archer

Havalah and Nathanael receding. :)