Homemade Tortillas In Seconds!


I made somethin’ for ya’ll. (I’m practicing my southern drawl) I know my video quality is lacking, but do I get points for trying? I’ve really been wanting to show you just how easy and fast it is to make tortillas with a press. I’m not letting the fact that every one of my cameras […]

Best of 2011 – Garden Vlogs

I met Jendi of Simple Vlogging Tips online this spring and she is the one who inspired me to begin video blogging. (She also made the awesome promo video for my book!) Though I hate being in front of a camera, I realized what a great way this would be to share glimpses of my […]

Real {Fast} Food – the Video!

I’m so excited to show you a special something we created to help introduce people to my book Real {Fast} Food. Jendi from Scenes and Cinema is the brains and talent behind the video, and Jesse was the star of the show. Enjoy, and share it with friends to help spread the word!