How to Make Mayonnaise {Vlog!}

Today I have a video for you! I’m so excited to show you how to make mayonnaise because homemade mayo is so easy and good for you!

In this video you will find out:

  • How to quickly mix up a batch of mayo in your own kitchen
  • What blend of oils I like to use in my mayo
  • What my favorite brand of coconut oil is
  • What I add to  my mayo so it stays fresh for weeks!

Are you ready? (Note: this video was filmed, um, months ago, thus there’s no sign or or mention of baby #4! Oh, and don’t miss the credits–they’ll make you chuckle)

 Why would you want to learn how to make mayonnaise?

Avoid Bad Fats–The biggest reason for me is because I can avoid all the ucky, over processed oils in the store bought brands. (Even the ‘Olive Oil’ style mayonnaise has soybean oil as a main ingredient–yuck!!)

Know All Your Ingredients–I also like knowing exactly what is in that mysterious, gelatinous whitish, yellow stuff. (If I sound a little squeamish, it’s ’cause I am. I used to avoid mayo like the plague until I learned to make it from scratch!) Making it from scratch allows you to adjust the contents and taste just to your liking.

Boost Nutrition–Finally, it gives you a lacto-fermented condiment to use with favorite meals like hamburgers! Suddenly your mayonnaise goes from a shady character with evil intentions toward your gallbladder, to an enzyme-rich, deeply nourishing companion which will aid digestion and boost the nutrition of any meal you serve it with.

Next Steps:

What about you? Ready to try homemade mayo?

Homemade Tortillas In Seconds!

I made somethin’ for ya’ll. (I’m practicing my southern drawl)

I know my video quality is lacking, but do I get points for trying? I’ve really been wanting to show you just how easy and fast it is to make tortillas with a press. I’m not letting the fact that every one of my cameras that could take video have died and I have to use my webcam. I know you guys love me anyway, right?

Show Notes: (otherwise known as the extras that didn’t make it into the video)

  • I use a Chef Pro 10 Inch Tortilla Maker/Flat Bread Maker(That’s an affiliate link – if you use my link to get to Amazon, you support this site – thanks!)
  • My recipe is for 100% whole wheat tortillas. The dough is soaked overnight to break down phytates and create a softer dough. You can find the recipe in my book, Real {Fast} Food.
  • We use tortillas for Cheese Quesadillas, Fajitas, Tacos, Mexican Lasagna, and Breakfast Burritos–all of which can be found in the book!

My latest way to love tortillas is in a wrap. Here’s my favorite so far (thanks to my friend Traci):

Caesar Chicken Wraps

  1. Cook Whole Chicken, breast down in a crockpot on low for 6-7 hours. (alternately, cook breasts in a cup of stock for 3-4 hours – but I’m usually working with whole birds)
  2. Take chicken out and cool a bit till you can shred the breast meat.
  3. Put shredded breast meat back into crockpot and add 1 recipe of my mother’s famous Caesar Salad Dressing. Stir well.
  4. Cook for 30 min on high heat till bubbly.
  5. Serve in warmed tortillas with lettuce, chopped tomato, and shredded cheese to make it decadent.
  6. Picnic Version: Mix dressing with cooled, shredded meat, and pack to assemble wraps at picnic spot. (I haven’t tried assembling the wraps much in advance, but I do know the chicken is just as yummy cold as warm).

Does your family love tortillas? What’s your favorite filling? Have you ever tried to make tortillas?

In Which We Confess Our Mess and Vow to Be Good

Notes from things I forgot to say…the beauty of my home management notebook is that I now can actually see where I will have time to tackle this Mt. Everest of organizational challenges. My notebook has been the final tool that has helped me be productive AND find rest in my schedule! And for me, I find rest in creating. So, gotta get the studio clean. I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn with you along the way…

Please tell me I’m not alone (’cause, you know, miserly loves company?) Do you have a mess or organizational challenge you need to tackle in the new year? Are you wondering how to find the time or gumption? I believe we could do it together. That’s what friends are for, right?

Best of 2011 – Garden Vlogs

I met Jendi of Simple Vlogging Tips online this spring and she is the one who inspired me to begin video blogging. (She also made the awesome promo video for my book!) Though I hate being in front of a camera, I realized what a great way this would be to share glimpses of my life with my readers, so I bravely faced the camera and started vlogging. The response was awesome! You guys loved my little garden tours, and I LOVED the interaction we had in the comments and how it helped all of us to get to know each other a bit better.

These were the Garden Vlogs I did this year…
In which we meet a worm and tour my garden
August Garden Tour and Preparing for Fall Planting
How to Plant Garlic and Final Garden Vlog of the Year

I hope to do more vlogging in the coming year…what would you like to see me vlog about? I’ve got a few ideas…but I want to hear yours!

How To Plant Garlic and the Last Garden Vlogs of the Year

It’s time to plant garlic!

Watch my video to see how Jesse and I planted our garlic this week.
I ended up putting in 150 cloves – my biggest planting since living on the homestead (where I planted 700 – 1000 heads each year). Since I only need about 50 heads of garlic for my own needs, that means I’ll have 100 heads to share or even sell next year! I just love growing garlic and teaching other people about this simple and productive crop.

So, here’s the scoop, (otherwise known as “things I should have said or stated clearer on the video! :))

  1. Find local garlic to plant
  2. Separate garlic heads into individual cloves for planting
  3. Dig or hoe a trench in your bed 4 in. deep
  4. Plant cloves, root side down, 6 in. apart
  5. Space rows 6 in. apart (in the bed in the movie I ended up planting 5 rows across)
  6. Rake dirt to cover rows 4 in. deep
  7. Top-dress bed with finished compost, if you have it.
  8. Mulch heavily with fallen leaves or grass clippings or whatever you got
  9. Say farewell until spring!

October Garden Tour and Hints for CompostingAnd here’s the last garden video of the year, actually filmed a few days before I planted my garlic, in which I talk more about my compost system (finished compost in just months with no turning and little stink!) and share with you the most exciting (FREE) addition to my vegetable garden this year!

Did you plant any fall crops? What was your best crop this year? Do you compost? I love to hear about your gardens!

Real {Fast} Food – the Video!

I’m so excited to show you a special something we created to help introduce people to my book Real {Fast} Food. Jendi from Scenes and Cinema is the brains and talent behind the video, and Jesse was the star of the show. Enjoy, and share it with friends to help spread the word!

Telling the Story of Easter to My Kids (and my first vlog!)

It’s a busy week – especially when I suddenly remembered my desire to make Easter as meaningful to our children as our celebration of Christmas. So, added to the business in the studio (working on 5 Easter dresses, between mine and my sewing girls’), I decided I wanted to celebrate Passover with a Messianic Seder dinner in our home, plus hot crossed buns for Sunday and trying to get to see a Passion Play before the week is out.

Yeah. I need to plan better next year.

Meanwhile, we postponed Seder till next week (totally un-authentic but it will still be meaningful) and I’m not making myself a new Easter dress. With that simplified list of activities, I did make a few moments this morning to tell the story of the Triumphal Entry to my kids. We read the story in our favorite Bible Story Book, then acted it out…

(Let me just apologize right here that Mary’s bad hair day!)

(Please note – this is my first ever vlog – I know it leaves much to be desired, but I felt like I’d never start if I waited till I could  make a ‘perfect’ video! Laura, and her “I can learn from this” attitude was my inspiration! Check out her blog for some really great vlogs she does with her kids!)