Help for the Flood Victims in Upstate NY

I nearly burnt the dinner last night, and then cookies later that evening. What was the cause of my distraction? I was looking at flood pictures from the Binghampton, NY area. I was mesmerized because this is the area we lived in when we were on the homestead. There was actually a picture posted by […]

Due Date +4: Ramblings

Today, to distract myself, (’cause I don’t have a baby yet and it’s all I think about unless I keep really busy but I wore myself out by 3pm) I went over and visited the Pioneer Woman. Everyone knows who she is. She’s got a huge, wonderful blog and a ginormous following (she gets an […]

Make your fridge be nice to you.


I did it – for the first time since moving last summer, I cleaned my fridge from top to bottom. I deem that confession revealing enough that a ‘Before’ picture is unnecessary.  Ha. This is what it looked like After. So sparkly that one should wear sunglasses when fetching a glass of milk. I also […]

A Cook of Very Little Brain


OK, so, it’s Wednesday. You want me to tell you about my latest foray into a healthier lifestyle and more nourishing cooking. I’m fine with that – I have so much to share with you! My frustration and writer’s block and all that comes in because I’ve confined myself to blog on this subject only […]