In Memorium

Today is my Grandmother’s birthday. She would have been 96.

Eileen Biles Bauman passed away just last week.

I couldn’t blog about it right away, so I’ve been planning a post in her honor for 2 weeks. It still wasn’t enough time to process and figure out how to put all I have on my heart in one post. So, that’s just to let you know, I’ll be mentioning my grandma again in the future…

Meanwhile, a little story from the day I learned she had passed away…

Grandma Bauman was old. She’d lived a good life – so many wonderful stories, not the least of which was her miraculous conversion to a saving faith in Jesus Christ after immigrating here from England after World War II. In her later years she slowly lost her memory and the ability to know those around her. I was so grateful for the last time I had seen her – she was especially lucid that day and remembered me and Jeremy and got to meet Jesse and pray over us.

That was nearly 3 years ago. I always knew it would be my last memory of her, and was grateful it was such a sweet one. Nevertheless, the news of her passing brought me to tears. Even as I cried (all the while trying to figure out why I was crying- after all, it was like she’d been gone already for years – why did I have to cry?- I’m very analytical!) my husband came over, wrapped his arms around me and reminded me of something that turned my tears to laughter.

“She’s in heaven now – hugging Jesus.”

For a period of 3 minutes, after the phone-call, I had completely forgotten about heaven! I was immediately comforted, having my perspective adjusted by an eternal focus.

Dear readers, please don’t forget about heaven! Please don’t forget that this life is but a vapor – but a breath before an eternity we were created for. Will you spend it worshiping Jesus Christ? I look forward to doing so right next to my grandmother, who I hope will still be singing in her English accent.

Bye, Gram. See you soon.

A new month!

A new week, a new month, and the beginning of the holiday season! What comes to mind first for you when you think of the holidays?

For me, for more years than I can tally, November and December mean Making Christmas Wreaths. I have had my own flower arranging and wreath business since I was 14. Each Fall I would spend weeks producing and selling my creations at craft shows and to businesses that decorated for the holidays. Last year, when I had a 2 month old baby, was the only year I’ve ever skipped. I made just one wreath. :) But most years I make dozens and dozens. And yards and yards of garlands. And roping. And door swags. Oh, and some cold, hard cash!

This year Jeremy and I have decided to try to make some extra money around the holiday season to save toward our goal of purchasing our next vehicle without going into debt. We live in grape country – there are wineries everywhere, and they like to decorate for their holiday rush, which usually comes in mid-November. So we’ve been going around to all the local wineries with a sample wreath and a price list, to take orders. Last week I made follow-up phone calls to confirm orders. This week we’ll begin gathering materials and making wreaths, to be delivered by the 14th. I have been cooking freezer meals in advance so that we can still have yummy dinners on the days I will working all day. In some ways I dislike a seasonal business that calls for so much energy for a certain period of time, but I am VERY grateful for the skills I acquired as a teen that enable me to help support my husband now. I’m also glad the businesses we cater to celebrate Christmas early – we’ll be done with all of this by December and then I can embrace the holidays with my family!

All that to say, if the blog is a little quieter this month than it has been, it’s ’cause my fingers are too covered in pine sap to get near the keyboard! At the same time, I hope to have some neat things to post about, including an idea I’m borrowing from Polly’s blog – A series on Products We Love. It should be fun!


Our dear friend Robin passed away at 12:30 this afternoon.
We thank the Lord her suffering is over, and for all the lives He touched through her while she was here on earth.
We will meet again.

For a little more about how Robin influenced my life, check out “Happy to Be Here”

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Another Surprise

It seems a day for surprises!!! I experienced my own this weekend, in the form of a weekend get-away with my husband for our anniversary! That is the reason you have not heard from me on this, the big day of Book month! We just got home from spending the holiday weekend in Wellsboro, PA, where we stayed in a nice hotel and visited the ‘Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania’. I had no idea Jeremy had planned this – he even packed my bags, and some how got me out the door on Sunday morning thinking we were on our way to Church, just like ordinary. Then, we turned right instead of left and I looked at him in surprise – “Where are we going?!” “Away!” he said with a big grin – “For our anniversary!” I couldn’t have been more surprised. I had seen him load up his guitar case and the projector himself (he leads worship at our fellowship), but what I didn’t know was that when I was gone all day on Friday, he’d replaced his guitar with clothes for us for the weekend. And yes, he remembered everything!!! :) Even my toothbrush. How cool is that? :)

So, anyway, with the reality that this IS our anniversary, I am not going to spend anymore time on the computer this evening. The Unveiling of our book list will begin on the morrow. That means the chance to get your name in the hat is over, and the drawing will take place next Monday. Meanwhile, COMMENT MODERATION HAS BEEN DISABLED and the blog will now return to normal! Hooray!!! We will have your list for you tomorrow, as well as pictures and the rest of the story of our trip!

So, farewell! Happy anniversary to us!!! :)

P.S. wasn’t it fun to hear from Anja? We love you, Lee!!!

Book Month Update

Well, there are three more days to get your name in for the drawing! Have you done it yet? We have had great response and have well over 50 titles to begin sharing with you come Monday! So many new authors and titles, yet they all come with high recommendation from our faithful readers! This has been so much fun – thank you to everyone who has participated so far! Olivia will be giving you one more review today, then we’ll take off for the weekend. We are going to a wedding on Saturday, and gearing up to celebrate our anniversary on the 8th! :)

Bits of fall despite the heat…

I tried to set a nice table when Lee was here for dinner Monday night. I used my glass cake stand (a wedding present), some mixed votives, and 5 seasonal gourds to make a center piece. Add my favorite handmade napkins, another wedding present, and we felt quite fallish. :)

I also used my new salad bowl – a delicious, cranberry glazed piece I got from a local potter. I was delighted with this piece – I love pottery, but will not be able to afford to fill my kitchen with it until Anja becomes a potter. :) But this was a ‘second’ – the glaze was a little sparse on one section of the rim – and the potter said he never sold seconds! I received it gratefully along with the other item I purchased from his studio.

I thought the dark green romaine in the salad looked so vibrant against the grape-colored inner walls, and was pleased with how well it matched my thrifted dinner plates.

P.S. I’ve decorated the blog for fall as well – what do you think?

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I am re-posting part of my Ketchup post as I talked to a few of my readers and they hadn’t been able to find the linked word to these other blogs. I’ve changed some font colors around here so you can find this stuff easier. You just gotta follow these links!

Here on Lauren’s blog – if this doesn’t make you smile (after you have swallowed any excess saliva to avoid drooling), you must be one of those robots that make word verification necessary!

Here on Natalie’s blog – I was honored that we were the subject of one of Natalie’s lovely musings, though it be a wee bit sad. Please join me in praying for her as she longs for a child to join their family.

A Time For Ketchup

There is a time to dance, and a time to sleep (to recover from the dance)
There is a time to bake, and a time to eat (cake).
There is a time to wrap, and a time to RRRRRIIP!!!! (presents)

And now that all that is behind me, it’s time to get caught up on the computer. I have spent the later part of the morning reading e-mail and some of my favorite blogs, and actually leaving some comments! Unfortunately, I am not as faithful a commentator as I like other people to be! But now that the busiest month of my year is over, and we are once again enjoying high speed internet, I’m trying to make that right! In my meanderings around the ‘neighborhood’ I found some delightful posts…

Here on Lauren’s blog – if this doesn’t make you smile (after you have swallowed any excess saliva to avoid drooling), you must be one of those robots that make word verification necessary!

Here on Natalie’s blog – I was honored that we were the subject of one of Natalie’s lovely musings, though it be a wee bit sad. Please join me in praying for her as she longs for a child to join their family.

Kor’s blog addressed anonymous commenters. If you want a good laugh, read this incredibly random post. Poor Ellie. Also, know that I feel the same about anonymous commentators. Unless you want me to activate the “blogger users only” filter for my commentators, please refrain from an over-use of anonymity. If the content of your comment reveals who you are,(as is the case with our beloved battered bob, who is forever giving our unsolicited advice under numerous aliases) then a humorous pseudonym is fine and, I might add, enjoyed.

While on that subject, thank you! to all of our new commentators! Welcome, Koragorn, Heidi, Miss Elizabeth, Jodes, Aunt Marylin, Sarah, AND Mr. G! Glad to have you!

And now I leave you, though you perhaps visited today in high hopes of seeing a report in pictures of my son’s first birthday, for today is one of a vanishing few lovely fall days, and I intend to take my said one-year-and-one-day-old son to the park!

P.S. said report is in progress and should be posted soon!

How Great Thou Art, Part Three

A blessing in disguise on the trip out was that Jesse got sick. Normally he is all boy, climbing around everywhere, hardly to be contained. But as we left Ohio for our all day trek through Indiana and Missouri, he came down with something, and was not himself for the rest of the week. This made it easier to keep up with him on the bus, but it was sad to see him so out of it, and we missed our boy!

He took lots of naps. It was really hot (98 as we went through Missouri) so we didn’t realize it till we got into air conditioning later that evening that he had a fever.

He looks so out of it in this picture – usually he loves a bus ride and is bouncing around even when strapped down! We thought he must be teething.

Come to find out later that week, when the fever broke and a rash appeared all over his body – he had had Roseolla. Phew, a relief! But still no teeth! Here he was watching the cars out the window…

“O.K., Mom – that’s enough pictures!” :)
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