In Memorium


Today is my Grandmother’s birthday. She would have been 96. Eileen Biles Bauman passed away just last week. I couldn’t blog about it right away, so I’ve been planning a post in her honor for 2 weeks. It still wasn’t enough time to process and figure out how to put all I have on my […]

A new month!


A new week, a new month, and the beginning of the holiday season! What comes to mind first for you when you think of the holidays? For me, for more years than I can tally, November and December mean Making Christmas Wreaths. I have had my own flower arranging and wreath business since I was […]



Our dear friend Robin passed away at 12:30 this afternoon.We thank the Lord her suffering is over, and for all the lives He touched through her while she was here on earth.We will meet again. For a little more about how Robin influenced my life, check out “Happy to Be Here”

Another Surprise


It seems a day for surprises!!! I experienced my own this weekend, in the form of a weekend get-away with my husband for our anniversary! That is the reason you have not heard from me on this, the big day of Book month! We just got home from spending the holiday weekend in Wellsboro, PA, […]

Book Month Update

Well, there are three more days to get your name in for the drawing! Have you done it yet? We have had great response and have well over 50 titles to begin sharing with you come Monday! So many new authors and titles, yet they all come with high recommendation from our faithful readers! This […]

Bits of fall despite the heat…


I tried to set a nice table when Lee was here for dinner Monday night. I used my glass cake stand (a wedding present), some mixed votives, and 5 seasonal gourds to make a center piece. Add my favorite handmade napkins, another wedding present, and we felt quite fallish. I also used my new salad […]


I am re-posting part of my Ketchup post as I talked to a few of my readers and they hadn’t been able to find the linked word to these other blogs. I’ve changed some font colors around here so you can find this stuff easier. You just gotta follow these links! Here on Lauren’s blog […]

A Time For Ketchup

There is a time to dance, and a time to sleep (to recover from the dance)There is a time to bake, and a time to eat (cake).There is a time to wrap, and a time to RRRRRIIP!!!! (presents) And now that all that is behind me, it’s time to get caught up on the computer. […]

How Great Thou Art, Part Three


A blessing in disguise on the trip out was that Jesse got sick. Normally he is all boy, climbing around everywhere, hardly to be contained. But as we left Ohio for our all day trek through Indiana and Missouri, he came down with something, and was not himself for the rest of the week. This […]