Here’s the Big News!


If you love the peek you get into our world here at All That’s Good, you’ll enjoy getting the full scoop on what’s happening at our all new neighborhood blog, Lakeview News. Told reporter-style by various contributors within the trailer park, you will hear all about the latest headlines, opinions, sports and events, as well – [Continue Reading…]

Moving Day


Yes!!! We made it in by the weekend! Reporting back to our loyal readers has been tricky, as the computer is the one thing still at the old house – internet connection at the new house doesn’t happen till next Wednesday. So, I snagged a moment to slip across the icy lawn to the old – [Continue Reading…]

Moving Next Door


This report comes to you from lot # 10 of Lakeveiw Apartments… Well, I told you we had an announcement, and here it is: We’re moving!!! Surprised? Me, too! When? Next month. Where? Next door! When Jeremy called me Wednesday morning he got right to the point, as he usually does when on the phone, – [Continue Reading…]

Trailer Park News. Vol. I


The Park Loses PowerLast week somebody was trimming trees on Main St. in our Tiny Town. Apparently, they left the job half done when they left for lunch, and the thunderstorm that blew through finished the job. A de-limbed tree fell over in front of the school, taking the main power line with it. The – [Continue Reading…]