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Moving Day

Yes!!! We made it in by the weekend! Reporting back to our loyal readers has been tricky, as the computer is the one thing still at the old house – internet connection at the new house doesn’t happen till next Wednesday. So, I snagged a moment to slip across the icy lawn to the old house to update the blog.

We began moving furniture into the house yesterday morning. Anja was here – spent three days and two nights, bless her – and we started with the dressers. We made a ramp from the back door of the old house. This was not my idea. It took forever to get three dressers and 14 drawers over the treacherous ramp and the icy lawn. Of course, it was the Unmentionables Drawer that fell…

Lunch was a meager affair, as we had not made time to shop or cook…we all had something different. Jesse enjoyed his yogurt in such a way that another task was added to the never-ending list – Bathe the Baby. Jeremy could not find anything at first, and actually resorted to baby food.

Anja was such a blessing, taking such good care of Jesse in between all the chores I gave her, that I realized with surprise as I changed Jesse’s diaper this afternoon, that it was the first time I had done so in three days!

After dinner (Pork Chops with applesauce, perfectly steamed broccoli, and Anja’s fantastic new sweet potato recipe from Aunt Becky), the Holden’s arrived to form an assembly line to get the rest of the furniture over. I was too busy at this point to take pictures! It was incredible how fast the majority of our belongings were moved over.

I was so excited about our new house, I was all tingly (like Anja gets the night before her birthday) and stayed up till 11:00 putting things away and tidying up. Finally we called it quits and fell into our freshly made bed for an well-earned rest!

We are truly blessed to be in our new home, rejoicing in God’s provision of such a nice trailer, and all the generous help we received that got us completely renovated and moved in in under a month. Thanks to our families and friends who gave so much time and effort!

This report comes to you from lot # 10 of Lakeveiw Apartments…

Well, I told you we had an announcement, and here it is:

We’re moving!!!

Surprised? Me, too!

When? Next month.

Where? Next door!

When Jeremy called me Wednesday morning he got right to the point, as he usually does when on the phone, and asked me – “How do you feel about moving next door?” Apparently, the neighbor had stopped by the business and said he wanted to sell. He had been of this mind before, and changed it, but this time he seemed serious. Jeremy reminded me that next door was bigger and newer than our trailer, and it was easy for me to understand his desire to jump on the opportunity while it was ripe.

I was slightly speechless, but when I had collected my thoughts, I agreed! It’s simple really – we are in the trailer park for as long as it takes to save enough money for a good down payment on our own land and to build our dream home. Living in Jeremy’s parent’s trailer park has been a great place for us to start out, what with low housing cost and being close to Jeremy’s work and family. Though neither of us ever thought we’d live in a trailer, we both feel it is a wise place for us to abide in this season. Buying and moving next door would give us a bit more space, as well as allow us to sell our current trailer (at a profit, due to Jeremy’s improvements on it) and put that money toward our savings.

So, 24 hours after that phone call, Jeremy handed the neighbor the money, and we had the opportunity to walk through the house. I love the kitchen and living room – they’re roomier and more open than our current spaces, and will allow for more hospitality – the one thing I wished for in our house. The 3 bedrooms are about the same as what we have now. The bathroom is twice as large! Over all, I was pleased.

Jeremy plans to put in new flooring and wall paint, and hopes to be in there by the end of January! So, suddenly, I am moving within the month! Perhaps you cannot understand my excitement about moving into just another old trailer, but I truly am excited. I love adventures, and this will be one of them, for sure! I haven’t been able to sleep at night, what with figuring out how we will arrange the furniture, and what color to paint the kitchen! It will be more good practice in making a house a home!

Oh, and you should see the cute little yard – and the storage shed! I will be sure to share pictures of our new adventure.

Above: our current trailer on the left, and our new house in the background at right.

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Trailer Park News. Vol. I

The Park Loses Power
Last week somebody was trimming trees on Main St. in our Tiny Town. Apparently, they left the job half done when they left for lunch, and the thunderstorm that blew through finished the job. A de-limbed tree fell over in front of the school, taking the main power line with it. The entire village was out of power. The storm was magnificent, and this correspondent was not surprised to have the power go out. But when it did not back on within a few hours, we began to wonder what was going on.

We walked up the rain-soaked driveway, past the mailboxes, to speak with a gentleman in an orange rain coat who was re-directing traffic. He explained the situation (an amazing feat with that few teeth) and Jesse and I headed back home. “That’s it” I thought, “I’m definitely taking Mom up on her offer of dinner!” Though I have a gas stove, I was not looking forward to spending the rest of the day in a dim, cold trailer, even if we could still have a hot meal

When we drove home later that night, we watched anxiously to see if power had been restored. Main St. had lights – part of the way, then partway down our road, everything went black. A few windows glowed dimly with a candle or a flashlight, but that was it. My in-laws had power, but that’s probably due to them being right next door to the fire department. The trailer park was as dark as a cave. We got in the door, without the aid of our porch light, and Jeremy clicked on the flashlight he’d set just inside to have if needed. We got ready for bed with the help of a few candles and an oil lamp, reminding me of homestead days. We went to bed with no idea how long it would be before power was back up – my neighbor Jen had called the power company and they said it could be 24 hours.

The lights in the kitchen woke me at 11 – the power had been out for 7 hours. It amazed me how LONG it seemed, here in the park, when on the homestead, we regularly went for days without it! I was relieved I didn’t have to make homestead coffee in the morning, and rolled over and went to sleep.

(Jesse with his own little flashlight)