A Dutch New Year’s


New Year’s always seems one of the more dutchy holidays to me, because while at Christmas Dutch traditions look a lot like everyone else’s (stockings, Sinter Klaus, special pastries and desserts), at New Year’s our family did stuff no one else did. Dutch stuff. First there is Ollie Bollen. Traditionally served New Year’s Eve or […]

Letters From Home, Volume 3


This has been a unique Christmas Season for our family. As I mentioned in my reasons for a simplified Christmas this year, we drove to Orlando, Florida for a seminar Jeremy was attending, and were gone for 11 days at the beginning of the month. Coming home with just 12 days left to be ready […]

Sweet Temptations and Nourishing Compromises

“We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.” -Buddy the Elf  There’s no question about it – Christmas means candy, and an increase in all forms of sugar, even at our house. I’ve been brainstorming this month about ways to reduce our sugar intake without […]

Christmas Books


And now I share with you one of my fondest Christmas Traditions. When I was growing up, we didn’t have an advent calender – we had Christmas books. Twenty-four pages told the story of Christmas from Creation to the Cross. Each day we would draw our interpretation of the story, carefully guarding our pages to […]

Our Thanksgiving


 Seth keeping Grandpa company while he carved the turkey.  My sis-in-law’s delicious egg bread.  The table set for 16  This was the first Thanksgiving in their new house.  They have been putting up final decorating touches – I love the wall decals and these wood-burned hymn plaques over the piano.  A crackling fire (on the […]